Everybody Needs Somebody

There isnt a person in this worls who dose not need other people . no one wins alone and no one succedd alone . The reason most people thisnks they dont need anyone ha sto do with their self image and confidence . Most people will rather let someone needs them than ask for help .

When people have serious confidence and self image issue , then they dont ask for help . Im a very independent p[eesron but also good with asking for help . i believe its a sign of high esteem . Im also goood in helping people belive in themself even thou it doesnt look certain i guess thats one of my strength .

What are you going to gain from brining people down ,./ the more you help people see ceratininty ,the more opportunity arives in thier life . The issue is how much do we need from each other

Its better to beleive . everybody will get better if you give them the chance . We should always challenge people to become better and help them to belief in themselves im not saying doing the work for them but everything will take the work , help and belief of other people .

About Victoria Boer

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