Value People

Growing up i was strictly taught to respect people especially the elders and when you dont do that you get punished. Well that show i grow up . . So then i played sports on a high level , so i understand communication , interaction and being liked . I always taught its the older and succesful people can teach me things ,. Well i was wrong .

Few years ago , i attended a seminar on corrective exercise and how to desogn exercsie programm , on getting there i was suprised not to see the original creator of the course so i was dissapointd thinking i coudnt learnt anything from younger teacher . Well it cahnge my life and the way i think about people .

That suprised me and later i realised that , Before that seminar , i thoght only older , more , succesful people could teach me anything . Ihad walk into that room plaving very little on other people there . As i said earlier im a wrold class athelee and thats often get in the way .And that was wrong attitude .

People dont learn from people they dont value , i determined to cahnge my thinikng from that day forward .

About Victoria Boer

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