Learn To Listen With An Open Heart

Listening is like learning a new language , do you know that people always want someone to talk to thats the reason for theraphy anyway when you are speaking with other people , silence are good .Pause means love . , we want to hear , we are interested , we care .

When you asked people focused question , you care about them . You need to care enough for yourself before you can care for others . Rushing out words mean fear , it means we dont want to let anything in , we must fill in the silence and we think we know better .

We live in a society that speak too much . try silence sometimes you may like it . The more silence i vbecome , the more creative im and the more money i make . I dont know about you nut i have more good energy and good thought from being siilence

And you can say no to extra uneccessary words . When someone is talking , let them finish . Dont say yeah in the middle

When someone is finish talking take a breath .

Real communication begin in silence not a words and thats why its always good to satrt with a story .

About Victoria Boer

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