Communication as i learned in network marketing is the ability to form a relationship with people . Its not that simple . communination is a skill How can a relationship form without communication , it often begins with an easy sommunication . . Sometimes a spark easily ignites a friendships , it deepen with more difficult communication .

Its in impossiple to learn anything important about anyone until we get him or her to disagree with us .Its only in contradiction that character is disclosed . . And its susttained with kintentional communication .

Few yaers back i used to think many people love my exuctement and enthutiasm , i was wrong . The worst thing is to share your exictement and passion with someone or people that are not interested . iys kills your passion and enthutiasm then very difficukt to form a realtionships .

Its difficukt to form any relationship without communication . so my solution wnhenever something important happen or a great ideas i want to share with my partner or my best friend and this deepen my ability to communicate better .

And i want better people to be recipient t of my enthutiasm . .

About Victoria Boer

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