Energy Begets Energy

People wonder why work-acoholic works the way they do . sometimes i get accused why i work the way i do . and the drive to succeed . , It sgot less to do with work ethic and the drive to succeed than with motor movement – Pesronally my work is fun or i made it fun .

I got energy from my work and ive got to put the energy back . It suits my creativity juice . I found out that when you bring creativity into your work , your energy flows .

Whenever you have an idea , do what i do – use your energy to bring the idea to life . Dont hesitate , dont hold back . With good motor moevemnrt , your enrgy will flow .

When you are physically wiped out , motor movement process adrenaline fot the mind and the body and for me the game of the combat ,exercise for the body , and intellectual exercese for the mind .

I belive playing tennis , strength training and runining drives my creativity ethos . When you get this momentum right , you strt to think in terms of possibilty

Try this for 30 days – your creativity will increases .

About Victoria Boer

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