What Makes You Angry

Most people harbours emotions of anger with them all day long without expressing it . Im defiining anger as a striong sense of displeasure . and antagonist that arises when needs are not being met its easy to feel angry when there is no money , thats really the biggest causes of amnger for many people

What commonly get us angry ? Being treated unfairly ? manipulauted ? calculated ? or having our emotional or physical borders being infinge on . . Cuoples often fight about sex, money , children , and chores . For my part i get most angry when someone impose or dictate how i sholud feel or what i should be doing . . Such trespassing never works .

I also get angry with dump qustions that doent energised me . so you should evaluate what makes you angry . Anger can arise from range of situation .

You can begin by seroiusly evealuate the emotions current roles in your life . The emotions of anger are very damaginbg to the body and can cause lots of underling health issues . , because you cant stuff anger without consequences = its a shape shifter . if internalised , anger can turn into depression and other painful emeotions .

Ranging from acid regurgitation to rashes to diahhrea or manifest as uncounscious passive aggression = belittle others , witholding emeotion nastiness or gossiping . Blind to the fact that your anger is being misplaced .

To avoid such fate , you need to carify the emotions hold on you

For example =

Do you hold on to resentments ?

Do little things makes you mad ?

Do i make judgemental or cutting re,marks ?

When you are hurt , do you want other people hurt ?

The goal here is to identify this emotions so that you dont lose good people in your life . And you can only make money with good people .

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