Competence Is Your Security

The pandemic has taught us lots of things if you can see it . The other day i saw a headline telling people 100 way to make money , not a bad headline right ? As i read futher , it doensnt involve any project that will allow people to take more responssibilites for themselves – then it s also said , you can also start an online busness , but beware that most busness fail .

In other words , most advices is teaching you not to takr resposisbilty for your own security . I know thats hard and thats why many people go so deraile and become sick .

When times are hard , you better get creative . Solve problem for someone , create an offer . Find out how you can help people . Do the job your boss dont want to do . Make yourself useful around the house for your parent . Do the work people hate doing .

Then i will also suggset that you begin meeting your own goal in order to feel better . None can be resposible for your success and well being but you

Get started but dont qiut .

About Victoria Boer

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