Luck Is a Product of Universal law

There are certain universal laws, gravity for example works the same way every time . in every situation for every one of us whether we know about it , whether we think about it or not , wheter we believe it or not . Drop ten pencils , all ten fall to the ground .

To get lucky as some people say – you need to have a goals working hard – luck comes as a result of having clearly defined goals , associating with people who could faccilitate success . , being involve in a situation where opportunities can arise and conutinuing personal education . and improvement – and doing something

No one just get lucky . that the truth . Some other laws arent easily proven . personally ive founf out that the more i give , the more i get . It could be money , my time , my ideas , my empathy .This only work when you give it away with no expectaion of anything in return . You will pass though a life where its is difficult for most people .

Try it for couple of months and stay open . for real serendipity and a new financial gain coming at you from the most unexpected sources .

About Victoria Boer

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