Patience Is A Beauty Secret

In the practice of medicine Patience is generally crucial also in my line of work People are becoming more and more in patients Every thing is supposed to be fast and this allow people people to become very frustrated .
The more patience you are .the better your energy If you reflect on how. impatience feels When you discerning g the energetic difference frustration and patience .watch fir this common qualities

The energy of frustration are very tense .prickly like you are spinning your wheel. . Frayed at the edge

Deadly serious Restless and tiring .

The energy of patience Very respectful Generous

soft and intuitive
ive seen how chronic frustration and impatient be permanently scrawled on people and unforgivenably aging them
Their body language is unflattering bluish and aggressive as in their energy .

Here is a real Beaty secret .patience makes your appearance and energy more radiant .soft and approachable .

The more patience you are .the more attractive you I’ll be Patience keep us young and spared us from the stressed of chronic inflammation and trying too hard to fight the flow .

Notice those quality next time you start getting impatient .

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