Why we give away our power

Sometimes you give other people the control on how you think is having power over you .how you should behave and you should feel make it impossible to be mentally strong

for example advice low and cheap and makes me sick especially if of my have for it Look around you Does anyone have the ability to make you feel or angry that you day and later do the things you regret .

there are so many ways we give our power away without even acknowledge it I used wavy to ease people’s pain by helping them to see thing in a healthy way but this can be very dangerous and you need to understand setting g healthy boundaries .

Anytime you don’t set healthy .emotional d physical boundaries for yourself .you risk giving away your power to other people .perhaps you don’t dare say No for when your neighbor ask for a favor or May be you dread receiving a phone call from a friend who constantly complain but you consume to pick up the phone ring .

if you don’t make any attempt to get your needs met You will risk and give people permission to take thing s away from you
And don’t depend on others to regulate your feelings
needs help getting in shape .physically and emotionally Shhot me an email I will be happy to help

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