The Positive Aspect Of Procrastination

No humans trait is absolutely bad or good But we’ve been conditioned to see thing whether good or bad When it’s applied properly procrastination can be a great asset .

when we move too fast or other people want us to move too fast then we have to reverse the consequences of our action .I’ve moved sometimes too fast based on someone else agenda and it has landed me in deep trouble Thisxdayd when I’m pressure then I do nothing I kind of like the pressure because then I get clarity

I’m not claiming you should ignore what you meant to do but acting fast and acting slow can be an asset .sometimes by not taking action immediately you can let your ideas simmer and mature .

Only act when you have cleanly identified the proper course of action Well this also require strong heart and discipline

Sometimes problems do have a way of working themselves out But taking is action is really amazing but be clear

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