Giving Grace To Others

Granting yourself grace is not easy to do especially if hold a nasty altitude towards others Being nasty is an habits thats comes from childhood . Enviroment is destiny , whatever you see affect the way you do things . We are always affected by how we feel

its impposible for your mind to be nice to you if its has been habitually cruel and vicious towards those who crossed your paths. I used to have a friends who think people are bad , that things are bad . and she kept on runining from one place to another , I remmenber telling her that i dont see things bad but everything is coming from her mind ,.

So this is the thing with the mind thats been viciouis and polluted with hatred towards others . you need to make every effort to control your hatred towards others . – In the course of life , most people will cause you pain , thats is a lesson of life , that , wether you burn with rage when people slurp their soup , or marry a gay person and go on .

You may believe with very good reason that they deserve the mental poison darts you throw at them , but a victim mind is always rooted in a vicious mind .

When i refuse to take an abuse from the abuser . then the gift of viciuosness will be returned and absorbed by the one who handle out the abuse How hateful you are to others will determine , how hateful your mind will be to you in equal dosage .

Learn to practise giving grace to thers and you will receive the grace back

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