The No Complaints Diet

Complaining is a low frequency energy , and one that never works for anything , Lazy people complains a lot , they get their energy feed on complaining to other people , When we stop complaining , we trust that there is a better way and we are ready to hear it .

Com[plaining is draining . – Attempt one week living without complaint . whenever you feel negative emotion arisen , do your best to stop them .

As a busness owner , my job is to solve problems and look for solution in a different ways , but one thing ive learned is when i dont complainin i quickly see the other ay to solve the problems . .

Be careful of what younsay in a situation where small talk is expected . Taljk about the weather or sports if you have to say something . , if the other try to steer you into a negative direction . If that does not work , say you are on a complain diet . say it . Be different

That will instantly shift the conversation . Replace a complaint thought with one of gratitude . When the week is off , see how you do . Then repeat for the rest of your life . You will start to attract more opportunities which equals more money . .

About Victoria Boer

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  1. Hi ma’am. I feel inspired in this blog. If you could help me to achieve my dream, I would really appreciate that.

    Thank you and I look forward to hear from you soon.


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