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How To Be A Winner In Life

No one like a loser and sadly thats where most people live their life . Im used to playing as a kid it means i lose or i win , but i decide i will win no matter what . … Continue reading

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Dont Go To Bed Angry – It Speed Up Aging

Im sure most people are aware of the words  inflammation which is the root of all disease and aging . How you end your end your days affect your inflammatary levels , turns out that a good night sleep greatly … Continue reading

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Stress Relief Depression And Reasons To Take Cold Shower

Stress is part of life and its a sign that we need to do something about certain thing to imrove , cope and move ahead . Here are few strategies that really works at least for me . I love … Continue reading

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Feel Good First

We read stories about how our favourites personalties obtain success . They talk of working long hours into the night and forgetting  to eat meals , although  you have to change what you spend your  time  on and habits – … Continue reading

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Practise Prevention Will Boost Immunity

The big paper in my kitchens says  discipline equal  action  and this remind me every day that practise  simple  discipline  compounds to a bigger succcess . The important of eating well and working out regularly can be under estimated , … Continue reading

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Dumping The Ideal Worker Is Good For Your Health

You cannot be miserable and perform but most stupid bosses and managers don’t get this, if you care about your employees health then ideal worker system need to be dumped. The rate in which employees become stressed, obese and overweight … Continue reading

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Happiness Make People Work Harder

You can only fly higher if you are happy doing what you do , it doesnt really matter what it is , most people are not happy at work due to the unhappiness of their  boss or the work enviroments … Continue reading

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