Let Negativities Be

We are all programmed not to fight for ourselves or believe that  certain  behaviour and tendencies  are considered  positive or negative .  Dont focus your energy in an attempt to change yourself . – isued to makes so much grammatical error wrtiing in english because i write other languages  like dutch and french my brain got compliicated  until i learn to focus my energy on what im supposed to do to get better .

You can be as negative as you want to be , and cursing and moping and your inner voice often tells you that you cant do it , dont fight back.  – yeild to your voice by ignoring it  . dont focus your attention or energy in an attempt to change your opiinon of yourself , because that will bring you more misery and confusion .

By ignoring your voice , you are able to free yourself from the trap thats says changes  comes before suuccess .  Weve been trapped to think and beileve that change comes before success but focusing on what you supposed to do will actually lead to succss and bring change .

Focus your time and energy  on being succesful then the changes will emerge .

Want to lose weight – focus what you are supposed to do like get up and walk .


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Say No To Negative Chatter

Recentlly ive been saying no to many things , this might  sound crazy but my creativity increases , my sales increases  and my ability to persuade , influnce goes up . I decided i want to get so good in saying no , actually i was advised by  a virtual mentor to do more NO  . Im not really a yes person but he made understand  certain things like saying No to negative chatter .

You need health to have the energy to create the life you want live – Most people try to love , their kids , their  spouse , Most people try to take care of the ones they love and be there for them . But sometimes we get stuck , our obligations runs up againt our true belonging taht comes from deep inside . Longing that cant be ignored . .

Ezapmple of a negative chatter is – how can someone say that to me ?  i cant wait to prove them wrong , Why does that person look like an idiot ,  Do i look ugly , How come he doent understand me , The list goes on .   When you are consume with all these chatter ion your brain , then you delay your energy to flow for creativity  .

The first  thing is to make friemds with people that are good for you – you need top spend time on these . the easiest    way is people who challenge  you to be better .

So often  we beat yourself  up with anger and worry . This is the worst form of cruelty so you need daily  practise to recognise  this and stay way from negative  chatter

Are you a teacher and want to get in shape – i can help you melt body fat up to 4 kg and look amazing by sept – Start 10 of aug .

Leave me a comment or send me a  direct message



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Wisdom Depends On Personal Vigilance

One of the things that ive learned and taking seriously this year is self vigiliance – its easy to get lost in in this era of social  media – i personally use my platform to sell my services and expertise not how coo im . . Most people dont realise that both help and harm comes from within ourselves , instead they look to external and deby appearance

Wise people realised that we are the source of everything  good or bad  so they therefore dont resort to blaming and accusing others . Most time people dont see themselves  thats why i usually suggest crtical thinking and self evaluation .

I spent 30 mins daly on brain dumping and crictical  thinking – ive not always be like this but i love to learn and grow . Weve been trained  to self denial  because its easy to blame someone else for our problems .

If wise people experienced  a challenge , they look to themselves , if they are commended by others they also quietly smile to themselves  , a wise person dont feel the need to defend themselves in any circumstances because they know that they have to watch  out for themselves  s and the direction of their own desires ..   Keep this in pratcise will help to develop better awareness and increase wisdom .

Thanks for reading – comment your thoughts

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How To Speak Language Of Love- Encouraging words

When you speak language and loving worsd to yourself , you are directly speaking it to other people . A frined of mibe suggested i raed a book from Dr Chapman – the 5 language of love is an eye opening for me . – very one who want to communicate better and get more loving from people should read this book .

The best loving is to encourage , sadly  most people dont . Getting verbal compliments is only one way to express words of affirmation on your kids , spouse etc . – The world encourage means to inspire courage . All of us have ares in which we feel insecure – most people try to cover this because they lack encouragement from people around them

Because we lack courage those courage always hinders some positive things we like to do , thats the reason many people hires outside eyes like a mentor or coach to encourage them

I always  like to encourage my clients to pick a new weight or started a new way of exercise  or eating habits – i know that positive re-einforcement actually  get people to do things rather  than discouraging them .

Most of us have potentials we will ever have to  develop , whats hold us back is encouragement  A loving partner can supply all that . If you want to achieve  great things , then you need to move a away from people   who critisizing  and condemming you .

Exercise that burn fats within short time

Kettle bell swings x12 – 15

Walikng lunges 8 to 12

Repeat 2 to three round . Rest as needed


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Bouncing Back From Failure Will Make You Stronger

Sometimes people are comfortable with failure in some areas of their lives but not others , Failure is really good for you when you learn  from it . A friend of mine made his first  millions at the age of 27 but lost almost half of it by age 34 , he had more stories to tell me whne playing tennis together and proudly told me that the failure in hos life has made him a better man . I could   also say the same . So we booth  have our failures in common .

One of the main  reason i love strength  training is the fact that it teaches persistence  and the art of not giving up . Most people give up so soon and settle for things they will regret in future .

one of the greatest lesson my failure taught  me is to qustions people intention around me . To make friends  with people that are good for me – Most people are not honest  so they are not good for me Its that simple .

The way you view failure should change – View failure as a learning   opportunity , if you are not used to trying again if you fail then make a habit of viewing  it as a n opportunity to learn .

Developing  a new plan to increase your chance  of success .

Whats is not helpful is  allowing failure to stop you from reaching your goals .

Here are at home bodyweight  you can do at home – Dont worry if you fail at this but keep at it you will get better

Prisoner squat x 15 reps

Off set push ups x 6 reps

Wall slide x 12 reps

Split squat x 12 reps

Spiderman climb x 6 reps

Repeat the circuit  2 times the first  time you try it and  future  you can repeat 5 times

Thanks for reading

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Determine Who You Want To Please

Most time we focus on physical strength but ignore the mental strentgh , lack of mental   strength cam lead to a damaging  behaviour  , poor decision  n  making and bad luck Its all your abilty to train your brain and face your fear , This is not taught in school but you can learn from various books on psychology  – Ps beats phisiology  every time .

You need to learn to determine who you want to please if you want to be succesful at reaching your goals ., you need to define your path even if that means keeping your goals only to yourself . Personally  im always  willing to go against  the grain and follow my intuition and not doing that will always lead me to a disaster so ive learned from my mistakes .

People pleasers are easily manipulated – – Mainipulators  often use tactics to prey on people leasesr , they make it looks like you owe them . Be on the look out for people who says things like , im only asking you to do this because you will do the best job or i hate to ask you this but –

You need to know that its okay fro people to feel angry or disappointed  – There is no reason to that people need to feel happy or pleased all the time . You cant please  everyone its impossible for everyone to be delighted at the same things .

Accept that some people will not just be pleased and its not your job to make them happy .

Few exercise to burn belly fats  And when it comes to belly fats , i prefer simplicity –

20 prisoner squats

20 push ups

10 jumps

10 inveterd row

Reverse Lunges 10 pers side

10 close grip push ups

5 chin up

All exercise  are done with little rest in between


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Lose weight Quick , boost energy , and signs of an Impaired Liver

Its very simple to lose belly fats , but there is a catch   which is your liver . you need to know your liver . this is the reason functional and eastern  medicine concentrate on the liver . The digestive system is everything  , for you to stop the fats accumulating , your liver must fintion on a high level .  A weak overactive liver pulls energy away from the gall bladder , pancreas , and stomach organs that play a key role in digestion .

Few signs of a weak congested liver includes ,

Anemia , Hermmaroids , Dark insufficinet urine – Any time my urine is not clears it manes my liver is being congested with a particular foods that doenst sit right with me .

Skin conditions , itching , rashes , or spots in the face . Eyes problems , – loss of elasticity of lens and anthrophy   of cells within within the eyes . – Yellowing of the white of the eyes .

All this happens when the liver is being impaired .

To lose weight t and boost energy , do the following that helped  hundreds of my clients –

Stay away from oils, ghes, and butter because they all slow down the liver function . Et lightly steamed and pured food . You cannot exercise bad food out of your body it has to go through  your liver . . Rosemary herbs and thyme are noted for healing liver congestion and you may want to cook with them .

Do hard 30 mins exercise in the morning to support the organs

1A    Kettle bell or DB swings x 30 , 25, 20 , 15 , 10

1b – Inchworm or walk out x 30 , 25, 20 , 15 , 10

Take a rest as needed

Email pr message me to lose weight within 30 mins daily




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Giving Up Control Will Make You Stronger

To take back your power and become mentally strong , to train your brain for happiness and success  , you will need to unlearn most of the things that bring you fears  and unhappiness . . Mentally  weak people need power and control to feel less humilliated . Control  is maintained n=by denying and suppressing feelings .

When you open up and accept your feelings , your mental capacity becomes stronger . Every time i cling to things i cannot control , i start to suffer wnd once i realised  what im doing to myself then the fear dissapear  . we need to train our brain to understand this

Once we understood that we cannot control every aspect of our life , we stopped getting angry or complaining about other peoples behaviour . .

Once you start  to give up control , you attract new opportunities , you will see new opportunities  clearly  and pursue them . You will   be less stressful , you  will build a better realtionships   with people .

Most people needs the control for power so that they can transccend feelings of helplessness and dependency . . Some times we denies ourself by suppressing feeling and maintain  rigid control which can  lead to serous damaging of our health . .

Stop insisting on doing everything by yourself

Start delegating and ask for help

Exercise you can do to start melting fat

This will raise your heart you will melt fat in less time

DB Jump squat  x 10

Chin up x 5

Bycycle sprint or skipping x 15 sec

Rest for 60 secs  Then repeat 4 to 10 times

Sene me a dircet messge to work on personalty that will helps you to increase income




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If Its Not Hard Its Soft

To Re- invent  , you have to make  it happens , i often says to people that no one owes you anything ,. Everything is a collaboration of other people thats why extreme succesful people hires a mentor – you need good eyes oon your side .Hire someone who has doen what you want to do will simplify  things , not the  one reading it from the books .

Dont make the mistake i made . Internet is noisy and they are preaching soft to you – please dont go there because if its not hard its soft . People tend to striiggle with hard , they dont even express the pain they are feeling inside , but express fake to family and friends or on a social media . .

You cannot live a 6 figure income on a 4 figure lifestyle . Every day i wake up , i think hustle  , selling , creating offering value because it cant be easy .

If you cant take it to the edge , then you played it too safe . Im not saying extremety , im talking about hard work . Dont just gossip or talk to say words , they are days goes by that i dont say a word , ilike to say my pain but many people want to listen to pain right ?

Thats why i write this blog to express and share with  people who feels the same . Its important to say words that are your reality that express you .

Most for me if icant say something that has helped me or hurt me , – The  i  need  to just shut up . . If you dmot want want something , speak up , say it . Thats art , thats buisness . .

Here few exercise you can do to gain clarity , to keep you strong and feel good

20 secs running 10 sec recovery –


Repeat 8 time


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Learn To Do The Essentials

To do the essentials requires discipline and consistency  . The other day i was going to play a tennis match with a very good friends  who made his first millions   at the age of 27 . Actaully most people dont know this because he is a very low key guy . As i was preparing  i have wrttten more than 100 questions  i wanted to ask him .

I learned fro him that leaderships is a skill that needs serious development – leadership is not being a boss . practically i dnot like bossses and dont like to boss other people around i dont like a boss and dont want to become one too . I prefer to lead . I like to say lets go doit , not go and do it .

All the great people of our time do only the essential When you lead people , do the essentials and step back . . Most peole struggle with wanted to be part of evrery thing , thats not leadership and that will not get anyone far but burn out .

Honesty is another quality i learned about leadership , i wanted to see people getting better becoming succeesful and even surpass me . in the end i can say i contributed to that

Premium – Premium and good quality is important in a world of cutting edges – I dont like to sacrifice qaality in my daily dealings with people . My head always says make this people better than you find them . thats  why do the essentials and do it very well goes a long way at the end of the day quality  wins .

This is one of the reason that leaderships is a high income skill thats is not taught in school – One of the book i reccoemnd is As a man thinketh by james Allen


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