What Mothers Should Know – Loving

A stressful mothers is an unloving mother . Mothers need  a support system to be loving and the western society  has deprived lots of mothers fro being lovable , i mean  its extremely hard to be lovely   if you are not loving  to yourself .  Every body is brought up in a pattern ans so you long for happiness  .  Attachement is  involve .

Some mothers are going to kill me when reading this blog . According to OSHO – – Just being a bilogical mother is not enough – as i said its not easy being a mother – to be a mother not just to reproduce , to be a mother means a great training , a great inner discipline ,one has to be lovable .

If the mother is lovable then the child will  love without any attachment . . And whenever he will find someone lovable  , he will love . . Most mothers and fathers are not lovable because they have never thought in that terms .

For love to happens , you have to create it , you have  to become it , you have to grow , only then you can create love in others . It cannot be demanded because love is a quality .

I have  a lot of respect and love for the mothers i know because they keep growing .

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The Problem With Dieting

Dieting  is an expression of a poor mindset because its an act of a suppression that doesnt last longer . Poor thinking is always about short term .The science suggest that when we outlaw a food , we increase desire . . Dieting has been a long standing  issue in our society and many people still believe thats what  they have to turn to as a method of losing weight

Dieting actually does a lot of harm to the dieters . Your pretty personal trainer should have advised you against that , but sadly most of them are too uneducated for that simple wisdom . Dieting is a better way to gain weight  than to lose it .

Dieting also tend to raises blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels , suppresses the immune system and increase the risk of heart attack , stroke , and diabeties and all cause mortality . Science  also suggest that restricting a food automatically increase your desire for it .

The practical and save  approach is not to restrict but enjoy simple attitude towards food . food  is not a reward or punishment  but a trophy for life . Consult with a nutritionist  to understand which food work for you and food to avoid . Overall please dont diet

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How To Be A Winner In Life

No one like a loser and sadly thats where most people live their life . Im used to playing as a kid it means i lose or i win , but i decide i will win no matter what . You need to tell yourself very morning that you are not deliver in this world to defeat . you will not hear people who weep and complain for their disease is contagious .

The best way is always to take another step , be healthy  so that you can be creative .

Form  a good habits  – by removing defeats from your vocabulary .

Dont forget that you can always start late . ive start over and over in my life and i dont give up .

You can be unsure – nothing is certain in life .

Learn  new habits by writting  ideas daily . Go out and add value to other people  Read books because who grow always have a value to add .

Invest in yourself – Its the best investment ever . Hire a coach not a trainer , hire  mentor who has a good habit that can be contagious to your life .

Act different . You can always do this .

Ive created my busness from zero – you can do this too .

I believe in you .

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Dont Go To Bed Angry – It Speed Up Aging

Im sure most people are aware of the words  inflammation which is the root of all disease and aging . How you end your end your days affect your inflammatary levels , turns out that a good night sleep greatly reduce chronic inflammation . Most couples that argues a lot will be greatly infalammed . . Getting less amount of sleep also have effect on your inflammatary levels  According to science and my experiment on myself less conversation in the evening makes me better in the morning .

Make sure your enviroment is suitable and comfortable  for you because home should  not be a challenge . A recent study found that couples who slept less had a greater  inflammatary response to conflict  the next day and higher levels of pro/inflammatary proteins after discussing a marital problems .

For every hours of sleep they lost their  level of inflammatory marker increase .  As i understood this i do my best to be calm in the evening and i keep discussing any sensitive matter to minimal in the evening .  And apart from that evenings suppose to be relaxed not fire up .

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Stress Relief Depression And Reasons To Take Cold Shower

Stress is part of life and its a sign that we need to do something about certain thing to imrove , cope and move ahead . Here are few strategies that really works at least for me . I love to rel;ief stress without compromising my brain or body .Ive conducted this experiment on myself for about 6 weeks and here are my result .

Take 5 mins cold shower before breakfast or before bed . – it relaxes the brain and improve oxidation in the body , Use hot water for about 1- 2 mins , then step out of the water range and apply shampoo . Turn the water to pure cold and rinse your head and face alone . Then turn around and back into the water . Maintain this position for about 2to 3 mins

You can gradually increase the amount of time you spent in the shower .

Cold water also improves immunity – It also serves as an effective treatment  for depression , one study used shower at 68 degree for 2 to 3 mins proceed by a five mins , gradual adaptation   to make the procedure less shocking .

You burn more fat – Ive experienced  that when im exposed to cold – it increases my level of circulating .

Tools – You can get a cold pack wrap used in physical therapy clinic or get some ice cube from a local store . . You will exeperienced  the different in your mood when practising daily

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Feel Good First

We read stories about how our favourites personalties obtain success . They talk of working long hours into the night and forgetting  to eat meals , although  you have to change what you spend your  time  on and habits – your health should never take a back seat  when most run into some kind of obstacles their health will take the back burner and this is really wrong .  Then they feel a lot worse and the problems compounds .

I dont have time , im too tired , i havent gathered money , this are all the common excuses people  make for themselves . When feel good i increase my personal power , self will and digestion and all these contribute to mental clarity . As a former athlete my world revolves around my health so i guess im lucky to have this early discipline in my life but i have to constantly  working at it .

Feeling good first mean you will maintain physical and mental health and malfunction means you are illl . For normal people that are not athlete , it means  being a better boss, manger , student , mother or what ever you are or planning to become . . If you feel good , you will play good and if you play good they pay good .

So take care of yourself and you will get that big payday .

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Practise Prevention Will Boost Immunity

The big paper in my kitchens says  discipline equal  action  and this remind me every day that practise  simple  discipline  compounds to a bigger succcess . The important of eating well and working out regularly can be under estimated , Poor  minded people have a lot of excuses why they can t eat well or workout . The less you workout , the brain become poor ans this make it easier for predator to catch you .

We dont need a superior level of fitness that allows you to deadlift 100 kg or stuff like that – the better shape you are in and the healthier your diet and exercise routine . The higher quality sleep you get the better off you will be in the long run to avoid sickness all together .

Remember  no one is perfect but daily  activities will always get you ahed of everyone . One thing you dont want to neglect is your health and your well being . Stop spending time on a social media go out there and take i walk in the wood , talk to your neighbour , smile often and stop being needy .. All these will add to your health in the long run .

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