Do Not Display Your Vulnerability

We are all vulnerable to a certain extent and most people like to exploit other peoples weakness instead  of protecting them with their strength and this is how most weak people operates . I personally , just knows that helping people who are vulnerable  tend to make me happy . In life and busness , ive learned lots of lesson not to display your vulnerabilty especially during crisis , dont let outsiders on your miseries .

Even the most sympathetic people will rather be in company of a winner . Build a shied around yourself . Those  who have contributed to and caused your crisis – do not give them a satisfaction of knowing that they have the power to hurt you . Let them know that your apparent crisis turns out to be a  blessing – Dont complain – do a brain dump and get out of the funk .

Another way , you can show vunlnerablty to who actually get your back but be aware , this is not a lie but rather an affirmation . . Be a good poker player , keep a straight face have a steel for nerves .

Having a steel for nerves , i learned this from tennis , even if im afraid  i will still find a way to win my opponent . .


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Dealing with Mistakes

How our parents respond to mistakes when we were a child is great deal on our esteem . If a child  is chatised for making a mistakes or ridicule  , humilliated or punished or if the parents steps in impatiently and says – here let me do it , , He or she cannot feel free to struggle to learn . Most people dont like people making mistake around them because they dont have the high esteem to handle the mistakes .

Personally , mistakes is an esteem building . Trying to learn to play golf or tennis you will understand the value of mistakes .Its more desirable to stimulate the search for answers than to provide answers . Working with adults who receives destructive messages about mistakes as children , i can see how defensive they become when i ponit out honestly about their mistakes – not to riddicle  but from  love

When most adults catch themselves makes mistakes , they call themselves name like , – oh im stupid ,or i feel fightened . They are so self critcal and less open and ridiculed  themselves all the time . This kind of self talk bring their esteem to the lowest place

I learned from a very good busness man earlier   in my life that we can view mistakes as opportunities to repair and strengthen relationships . rather  than letting them destroy relationships  , depends on how well you approach mistakes , you will always have a steady opportunity .

Once you learn better attitude towards  mistakes you will feel less tense . . If you see you are getting too critical  of yourself , take a break  and evaluate  your situation . it will be okay and your esteem will grow . Remmenber  most people run away from mistakes . Stay with  it , be open and your esteem will go high .


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Self Confidence Formula

Self confidence attract , and you might well known that nothing can bring you success but yourself – thgou no one succeed alone without the cooperation of other s 0 if you wish to or aim to attain success of a far reaching nature , you will never get that cooperation unless you vitalize your mind with positive  attitude of self confidence .

No one is going to pay so much attention to the person who have no confidence in himself . Self confidence is contagious, its impelling , its persuasive , and it attracts others . There are formula that goes through my mind , like  i belief in myself , but to let you know , other people will doubt you and create negative theory , so its up to you to reject and move on

I also beilef i will get out of life whatever i put in . I belief in the law of sowing and reaping , i know that thorough this principle of auto suggestion , any desire that i pesisistently hold in my mind will eventually  seeks expression through some practical means .

Another  great formula is to ellimate all hatred , jealousy , slfishness or cyynism towards all humanity . Negative altitude  towards others can never bring success . Success loves speed according  to a very good coach , you can nit have a grudge and have confidence – it never works .

Adopting this type of thinking will get you definitely ahead .

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Saying No To Bad Luck

Few years ago i read the law of busness by Brian Tracy – he said the harder we work the luckier we get . most people are so boring they say the same thing all the time , they wonder how come they didnt get lucky . Luck is always a product of preparation and persistence . No one sit at home and get lucky .

We all have a love affair with luck . , sometimes we chase it , sometimes it teases us . sometimes we have it for a while, Some times when we expect a kiss , it runs away in the rain leaving us scared and only .Among Tennis player , we used to say – the guy get lucky . why do they say that ? its because  people who are cursed with bad luck often lash out .

Its the people who used luck as an accusation who will never have it .  You and i will .

Luck is something that you earned and once you earned it , you will always  know how to get it back . You will learn to say know to people who want to bring you down , who try to use their own bad luck to control you because  they cant climb up to your height .

Luck is not magic , luck is equal diverstification , persistence , discipline and good habits

Coming up with thousand of ideas means having the energy and creativity to brain storm and all terms  of health depends on how much you control  your own life . . You become more creative when you are in control of your life .

When i respond to an angry comments or bad comment   then fear controls me and that brings bad luck . If i let people control me or i control them then i sacrifice my heath , then i cannot generate ideas , i cant persist so ive laerned to say no to bad luck . Inflammation  is bad luck , so is argument .

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Good for her / Dont be a hater

Have you ever heard the phrase – yes thats good for her , of good for him . Yes most people are haters infact ninety nine percent of people are haters . Bless that which you want and your brain will release the good hormones that will  help  you for your own good . Dont be envious and no one is born lucky . people are simply discipline with good habits and you can learn that as well .

If you are envious , then you will distance yourself from success . and make it much harder for you to get there . Be friends with people that are successful – its contagiuos  , you will start to do things like them . At least thats what i do anyway . I look at their work ethic , i get advice  from them , i emulate  thier actions and behaviour  and  i get closer and closer to success . You can do the same too .

Be clean  – dont be dirty – This means dont saotage yourself emotionally   . – never think someone is lucky – Luck is created by the prepared . I can tell you that when  someone is so envious and jealous , they will never get the freedom they want . but they will spend the rest of their life trying .

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Discover Your Natural Rhythm

Through the experience of work , we earn our monetary reward . we work  to provide for ourselves and other people . Through work we suffer different kind of stress mental and  physical . Sometimes we experienced a burn out simply  because weve not discovered our natural rhythm . .

I first  encounter the words circadian rhythm eight years ago when i started to study exercise programm design , it turn out that some people will be better to train in the morning rather than  evening to avoid burn out . Even food , eating at a certain time will enhance productivity and better blood circulation .

For example , early to bed , early to rise is acceptable norm for proper living , its great for those people who enjoy the tranquilty of the dawn like me – i prefer to do my work as early as possible , it work for me and its elevating me to higher up . But for other people it might be detrimental to their health and body . .

Most people also find it difficult to follow the norm 9to 5 schedule but still perform  and produce for their family . i have a friend who could only work at night when every thing is quiet in the house and that works for him . He is comfortable at that time .

Discovering your own rythm will help you become a high performer and increase your income but you must discover  what that is . .

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Practise Unselfish Thinking

I think most people recognise the value of unselfish  thinking but most people needs to develop the ability . many people are at a loss of how to change their thinking . When a friend  is in distress , i usually invite them over and cook for them . . I believe in hospitality and i think its the best way to invest  in people  intentionally  They dont need to give me anything back .

Unselfish thinking is like staying in shape all year round – which allow  you to stay more active . If you stay stay fit , you can be ready to sieze an opportunity that might arise .

One of the best way is to exposed yourself to situation where people have needs . Im not talking   about going to a charity shops – people have needs , you just need to pay attention , actually is practically unsellfish .  I have friends who want to force themselves to do things for me because they can get better return – i dont like that .

Its one thing to believe you are willing to give unselfish, its another to actually  really do it To make the transistion    , you  can put  yourself  in a situation where you  actually see peoples need and do something about it . And willingly to do it without getting anything in return . . Like introducing g people who can benefits from each  other without  getting in between .

This habit of thinking will bring more opportunity into your life .

Need accountablity partner , how to be more discipline . Leave me a comment .

Thanks for reading

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