Tell The Truth Or At Least Dont Lie

If you think deep , you will notice and realise  that telling the truth  is not that simple thats why people get defensive , most complaining and blame other people for their circumstances , The moment you start to face reality , then no one to blame than yourself . The truth will not always  be easy when people around you are going to judge you tthe moment you open your mouth to reveal who you are .

An overweight clients of mine doesnt think shes overweight becise of the food she eat , insted she lie and siad oh , i usually forgot to eat – shes been lying to herself for a very long time without aware of it . When people suffer for too long , you can see how long theyve been lying to themselves .

If you will not reveal yourself to others , you cannot reveal yourself to yourself . That does  not only mean you suppress  who you are , , it also mean that so much of what you could be will never be forced by neccesity  to come forward .

If you decide to change your identity and hire someone who has done it before but lack the discipline  to do what they asked you to do , then you are avoiding the truth and lying to yourself that that it will one day get better . This is what happen to most people who hire a trainer to help change their body – they can never stop lying to themselves and they never get better .

If you say no to our boss or spouse or children when it needs to be said , then you transform yourself to someone who says no . If your life is not what it could be then trying telling the truth . – if you feel weak and rejected and confused then trying telling the truth . Most people  stay in a depressive state for a long time because they avoid the truth .

You dont need to tell anyone the truth but tell it to yourself .


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Be Up Around People You Love

You can learn to be upbeat even in an extremely   sad situation . depend on the way you view the world and your state of mind . .Your job as from now on is to be up around the people you love . No more grumbling  , complaining , you can v become the positive ones because you dont know what day other people are having , Most people with mental weakness are not aware of other people feelings . they just like to com[plain .

When asked how are you , say fine or marvellous no matter how crumpy  you feel . some people will start to talk about sickness , thats a turn off . Thats not a good thing to say around people you love .Dont send bad emotions  to people .Learn to say marvellous even if you dont feel it , you will find something positive to say .

In future , right from now you have to become the one who is always positive , always cheerful because right from now on someone has to or everybody will want to end it all . I know you might be thinking how can someone be up lifting other people but it has actually goes both way – it comes back to you . You are re wiring your brain to make things better and it will .

Successful  people, those who understand this are invariabily cheerful . They care more about what people around then are going through than thier own petty problems . I always  want to know whats  wrong because i think positively  and i know there will be solutions .

This is why i always suggested people not to go 3 days without exercising because it protect the brain fro negativity to positivity . So please stop complaining  someone has to lift the burden , lift the spirit Lift the gloom . And be that person .


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Walk Slowly , But Never Backward

Most of the time when we speculate about perfection , we dont get anything done . I know people who thinks from perfection before they being with thier project . My personal l training studio was practically empty when i started  training clients  , in fact there was no heating but i kept walking  slowly .its easy to get bogged down trying to find a the optimal plan for change , the fastest way to lose weight , the best programm to build muscle and the perfect idea for side muscle .

We are so focused on figuring out the best that approach that we never get around taking action , . Thou there is a difference between being in motion and taking action . Its good to be in motion too but not for too long , Being in motion mean , plannning , startegizing and learning . Those  are all good things but they dont produce result .

I dont discuss soo much changes with people at time  because people are always afraid of changes and unknown . so sometimes  you might want to keep your plan  to yourself but make syre you execute your plan of walking slowly . but never backward .

If motion dont produce result , then why do we do it ? we do it because it give us the feeling that we are doing something . or making progress without running the risk of failure . Most of us are expert at avoidnng critizism  . It doesnt feel good to change or to be judged publicly , so we tend to avoid situations where  that might happen . And thats the biggest reason you slip into motions . .

If you want to master any thing , the key is to start with repetition . Thats exactly what ive done with reading , writting and my ability     to teach strength  training , learning how to cook , writing   ideas and being a better listener .

You dont need to map out the feature of a new habits , you just need to practise .


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Hang Out With Positive People

If you wish to be succesful in your life , at work , socialising   you need to be aware that they are two groups  of people to hang out with , First  they are those who lift you up with positive  energy and enthtiastic  and they are those  who complain  , defend a d drain you . I dont like hanging with defensive or complainer because they  are like toxic to my soul .

The other set of people are people who make excuses for themselves and other people . The moaners and complainer will only bring you down to their level of inactivity . So most times , your level of happiness depend on the people you hang with .

So , be selective and hang out with people who see life as exciting , challenge , worth wresting to the ground and having fun with .Not with people who are always out of sorts but people woth interesting point of view who makes you feel good talking to them , who have positive things to say or suggest .

The worls is a happy place – depends on your point of view . If i dont find someone positive to talk to  i stay at home , watch a good movie , drink good expensive wine or go play golf . Thou , there are times when someone just have a bad day , – we all have those  .

The fact is you should be honestly  be someone that feel enthutisatic  , make people rise to every challenge . make people laugh and smile  and feel great about themselves . . No point hanging out with people who dont make you feel good unless you like being down .

Want to learn more on positivity  mindset and abundance thinking . send me a message or leave me a comment .

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Luck Is A Product Of Universal Law

We can always get lucky . even a blind dog finds a truffle once in a while – as long as it keeps poking around . Ive always maintained that success is an energy game , you need energy to find luck as long as you keep searching . You hardly get lucky by sitting on your coach at home .. To have a good fortune , you have to do enough  to keep the pedlum swung in your direction .  I got lucky most times because i keep the pedlum  without thinking of what is coming around .

Ive had people commenting how lucky im to stay  slim , healthy and building my business but there are certain universal law , gravity for example works the same way every time in every situation , for every one of us , whether  we know it or not .

Ive found out that the more you  give , the more , luckier you get . – i know this because  its what i practise all the time . Sometimes i make a habit of giving my best programme  away , exercise or ideas  away that t  i should charge money for . For me , i attract luck by my abundant mindset  I believe i will always find a way .

I want you to try it for one months by giving away ,time , money , and stay open to real serenpidity and new financial  gain coming at you from the most unexpected source

Its like writting  away this article – its my way of giving back valuable ideas to the universe and this is how i get lucky .


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Practise Tolerating silence

Most of us are used to having lots of noise surrounding us everyday . , The less  you talk , the more happier you become . Ive been practising the art of talking  less for about 2 years  i usually remain silence after 7 pm , i dont say a word to anyone even my partner – you need educate people around you when you are making changes in your life .  Silence makes you mentally strong and by the time you speak , you are saying something useful .

People actively seek out the hustle and hustle to prevent them selves from being alone with their thoughts . .For example , do you or someone you know fall asleep with a TV or radio  on or their computer , phone by their side . Trying to drown out your thoughts by bombarding yourself with constant noise isnt healthy ,  Building a few minutes qiuet into your day will recharge your batteries .

You can use the alone time to –

REFlect  ON YOUR GOALS – – i personally like the advice of people eho spent time on their won . because  they will come up with good ideas .

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FEELINGS – Most people like to suppress feelings by stimulant or other addictive stuff , it will sink you more deeper.  Check in with yourself about how you re feeling mentally and emotionally . . Think about your sress level , Evaluate whether you are taking good enough  care of yourself and think about anyway you could improve your life .

SET GOALS FO FUTURE –  Dont stop dreaming about what you want – have a plan to make it happen . work  smart and get good advice .

STAY HEALTHY – healthy people tend to go far in life . To stay healthy requires discipline  and  hang around healthy people . seek out healthy people and pick their habits .

SCHEDULE DATE WITH YOURSELF – This is my favourite .  For me , my alone time is a choice . and i always come out refreshing and happier .

Most of  these ideas are not really easy to do but with time and practise it gets easier .


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How To Stay Focus When You Get Bored Working On Your Goals

Everyone get bored , its a law  of human nature , to achieve  mastery on your goals , you need to fall in love with boredom , I dont get bored easily but im dont like boredome too , im a fan of variety and stablity which is not easy to maintain . You must constantly  challenging yourself and avoid stagnation at all cost . When you remain stagnat , you get bored .

Challenges keep us engage , . Iimprovement require a delicate balance You need to regularly search for challenges that push you to the edge . The reason people get bored easily is because they repeat the same thing in the same way over and over without adding new way of doing things  . A friends  of mine , when it comes to fitness doesnt care  about health but appearance . He workout a lot but his way is hitting plateu intill i gave him some body wight power exercise to do and within few months his physical appearance  was amazing .

All i did was challenging his body to move in a different way . while maintaining what hes been  doing .Behaviours   needs to remain novel  in order for them to stay attractive and satisfying . Without variety n, we get bored

This does not mean you need jump from one workout to another. We get bored with habits because they stop delighting us . The out come become expected And our habits become ordinary , we satrt derailing our progress to seek novelty . . Variable or not no habits stay interesting forever At some point everyone faces the same challenge on the journey of self improvement .

The only way to become excellent is to fall in love with boredom but increasing the challenges often and often . This habits  will; keep you moving forward  . .- this is how you stay focus .


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