Few Tips To Elliminate Sugar From Your Diet

Most trainers and coaches often tells you what not to do but dont usually explain how to get rid of the problems . Eating sugar is an habits that we are all used to  from childhood age . its extremely difficult not to see sugar around you even if your best intention is to stop the sugar madness . Im also guilty of this because i just realised as a coach i need to own the explanation and help people get through this addiction not just telling .

We all know sugar is evil but in the moment of weakness we tend to fall for sugar . the reason has to do with dopamine  level  the hormones that promotes feeling good . Dopamine is the hormones that keep us alive and vigilant and if we go to sleep too late or sleep deprived , it will be released and this is why we crave sugar.

Do strength base and conditionng exercise – this will release a feel good hormones and your sugar craving will decline . During this type of exercise your body will release  endoprphin which are your body natural morphine , like chemical that booost mood and produce feeling of euphoria and satisfaction .

Sugar  also does the same to the brain like releasing  this endorphin the body natural chemical and this is why we cannot stop at one piece of chocolate  but to  eat the whole bar

Another strategies is to think before you eat -thou occasional use of food to cope with stress wont destroy an otherwise balanced diet but read the fine print before put in your mouth . think nutrient rather than calories . Opt for fruits and nuts instead of biscut  and cookies .

You can also make home made cookies with stevia which is really sweet .



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What To Do When Disaster Strike

The most important thing i realised in the face of disaster / adversity is to know your fear and know others . Most people level of dealing with pain and adversity is very low  if you constantly facing death you will not be submissive to any obstacles . I sued to think when all my obstacles disappear , resent obstacles , thinking that if only i hadnt done that things will be different . Suddenly it occurs to me that obstacle is the life . How relief that is

Talk to yourself –  People will always say talk to someone but its not my style . Talking to yourself  makes you  more self reliant  it means meditate and sit quetly , let the thought runs and dont be afraid of your thoughts . Most people dont always understand what im saying because its not a question of  understanding , its a transfer  of certain vision .

Its also a questions of a new understanding to deal with the disaster . – its not about forgetting whats going on but to be smart to deal with it .

Ask  yourself a questions –  then you can live with the gray to the answer to your questions as said earlier , its about new habits and discipline to beat the adversity . Its not about you feel bad and you want to feel good . Its better to go through the pain and feel good later

Spend time with people who seek opportunities not the ones that limit it .  Most people will limit  your opportunities to see the good things in whats is happening to you . Dont be repressed because a repress person is always afraid of everything .

Every disaster is an opportunity to grow  not to run away from it .

Hope this article  helps you the way it has help me .




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Vulnerability Is A Virtue

In the western world people has been  trained not to show vulnerabilty  and when you did people want  to take  advantage  or they asked you to go and speak to a therapsit which is actually on the long rum a disaster ,because someone is a therapist doesnt mean they can help you . Thats the fact .

For most people from 35 to 45 years of age – this is the decade of vulnerability , it may also be from age 40 to 50 . it depends on individual . Hormones levels start to fluntuate at this time causing men to lose their  hair and egogenic drive and for women to experince menstrual irregularities and all these will add more to vulunerability .

Being vulnerable  is part of strength   not a weakness at least  in my thinking .

Leveraging Vulnerability – You can show vulnerability and reclaim it back by yourself and you can become  your own queen and king . You must always  have a goal in mind  , as you go along you will stumble , prepare and get up . Ive stumbled a lot in my life but ive follows my own direction because we all have different direction .

Expression – Vulnerability  becomes a problems  when its not expressed . As i mentioned  above about the decade where all of us seems to be in a position of vulnerability , It constantly needs to be expressed otherwise it becomes a  mental health problems and this is one of the reason people  get depressed.

Share your vulnerabilty with people who have confidence in you and themselves . , stay close to people who are not afraid  to be vulnerable like you because they have confidence in themselves and know at some point in life we all stumble .

Be with people when you make a mistake never  says i would have done it differently .

The courage to embrace vulnerabilty  will set you apart from anyone else . I deal with mine by meditate , Hill sprint Strength Training and Sleep .

Read a lot of books  on personal development and belief in yourself , avoid proceesed food because it causes you to be more vulnerable .

Its also critical to exercise three to four times a week , resistance and cardio .

Begin Hartha yoga .

Smile a lot and  says a lot of nice things to people .

Please leave me a note and let me know if this article has helped you in a way .

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What Ive Learned in the Past 12 Months

I keep journals and ive been doing that for years , i write down everyday at the day what im grateful for , the opportunity i see , what i did , what i will do the next day and my appeciation – so keeping journal helps me to keep the track of some hard brutal lessons over the year ,

Looking for a place to live can be a bit dramatic especially when you are black , single  and own a busness its like those three good quality are working against you , It just  makes me understand how shallow minded our society can be .

This year i adopted different kind of bravery . a paradgrim of bravery instead of fear , When facing with exact situation with people i noticed that there will be two emotional reaction to it that are opposite . One will be accessing bravery other will be accessing fear

If you get sick , concentrate on getting better and believe in your treatment .

Good idea rules – im always talking about ideas , the main reason is not to face my fear and dissppointment  but to be smart to solve my problems .

What i really value in life is ownership , we all value different things thats why im creating a little empire because taking on challenges and responsibilty is important for me .

I also learned that most people will rather celebrate your sadness rather than happiness avoid people who are only by your side in moment of sadness to offer consolling words what they are actually saying is they are stronger , wiser ,and they would not have taken that step .

On strength training – do heavy lifting 3 times weekly , then easy cardio or some sprint in between , it keeps your joint and body healthy for life , its primarily life extension .

Open yourself to fresh ideas daily and believe in executing them – to be honest  universe will help you .

Im very proud of my dedication , discipline and achivement  these year even thou its a road long travel but it has taken me to another level . so with this happy birthday to me



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Building Love

The best thing about building love is you dont want to get stuck in others peoples misery , you want t to focus on your own intuition , From my own collection of wisdom building love for people means creating values the more value you create for people , the more love and abundance you are sharing with others .

Listening to what people are asking you , then create value its that simple . Ditch comventional way of doing things it will inhibit your creativity and you will be stuck in the same place for years .

Love yourself – What i mean  is take care of yourself to be productive , people who takes care of themselves are actually building  love that take care of other people . thats what i called Love – — perseverance –== abundance , If you are going around  with your  scarcity needs how can you build love around you ,

Dont complain –  Complain drains . when you complains nobody wants to help you . if you spend your times focusing on the things that are wrong , and thats what yiu express and project to people you know , you dont become a source of growth for people , in fact you are not building  love  . you become a source of destruction for people that draw more destructiveness .


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Strength Training Progression And Life

A  powerful woman once told me if you want something extra ordnary done , prepare to do it by yourself . the same thing that goes to your muscle goes for your money , if you can multiply your muscle by ten the same ratio goes for every thing you do . You want to focus on building  your strength inside out thats where progressing began .

Its crazy when people tells  me i used to do this or that , Progression is the most important thing in strength training otherwise you are going to burn out like a flies and die . With energy and high moral , you can progress to a very high level in life .

If you can deadlift 60 kg this year it should be multiply by next year , basically you should  better this year than last year not injured and tired . The goal of life is to always  transist from one thing to another , you want to avoid  stagnation at all cost . You want to be better overall next year than these year .

For you to progress in life , create a little empire with ritual and discipline . this could mean  offering to take over a project that others have left undone , or something people thinks is very challenging  , what you are doing is cultivating a taste for doing things yourself this where you start getting creative and progress in life .

Even if you fail along the line , you gain a valuable lesson in the venture the education that became only yours . Remember schools prepare you for a job which is not bad , but taking intuition  prepares you and help you to rise to challenge.

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What ive Learned From Obstacles

One of the most important lesson ive laerned from obstacles is things doesnt seems to happens the way we plan but that doesnt mean we should not plan , thgs cannot always be good and cannot always be bad . Its true that someone can impede our actions but they cant impede our atittude and intentions . Personally my intentions is all i have going on for me .

As i said in the beginning things will alawys happen that we never plan for  , For example i caught an infection at my parner swimming pool just trying to learn how to swim . I had already plan for a relax weekend but it turns to be a pain .  I didnt see that coming so i check my attitude and put my action to work in a different way , I wasnt upset

The point of this story is there will always be something when you want to do something , today things will happen that will be contrary to your plan , if not toady , then it could   be tomorrow .Any thing that happens is always a chance for us to practise something else

If someone offends you , its a chance to practise forgiveness .

If computer erase your work , its a chance to start with a clean state .

If your loved ones passed away , its a chance to open your heart t for a second love

If something is hard like the art of strength training its a chance fro you to get stronger .

Try this line of thinking and see if you can turn obstacles to your advantage .


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