What Makes You Angry

Most people harbours emotions of anger with them all day long without expressing it . Im defiining anger as a striong sense of displeasure . and antagonist that arises when needs are not being met its easy to feel angry when there is no money , thats really the biggest causes of amnger for many people

What commonly get us angry ? Being treated unfairly ? manipulauted ? calculated ? or having our emotional or physical borders being infinge on . . Cuoples often fight about sex, money , children , and chores . For my part i get most angry when someone impose or dictate how i sholud feel or what i should be doing . . Such trespassing never works .

I also get angry with dump qustions that doent energised me . so you should evaluate what makes you angry . Anger can arise from range of situation .

You can begin by seroiusly evealuate the emotions current roles in your life . The emotions of anger are very damaginbg to the body and can cause lots of underling health issues . , because you cant stuff anger without consequences = its a shape shifter . if internalised , anger can turn into depression and other painful emeotions .

Ranging from acid regurgitation to rashes to diahhrea or manifest as uncounscious passive aggression = belittle others , witholding emeotion nastiness or gossiping . Blind to the fact that your anger is being misplaced .

To avoid such fate , you need to carify the emotions hold on you

For example =

Do you hold on to resentments ?

Do little things makes you mad ?

Do i make judgemental or cutting re,marks ?

When you are hurt , do you want other people hurt ?

The goal here is to identify this emotions so that you dont lose good people in your life . And you can only make money with good people .

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Energy Begets Energy

People wonder why work-acoholic works the way they do . sometimes i get accused why i work the way i do . and the drive to succeed . , It sgot less to do with work ethic and the drive to succeed than with motor movement – Pesronally my work is fun or i made it fun .

I got energy from my work and ive got to put the energy back . It suits my creativity juice . I found out that when you bring creativity into your work , your energy flows .

Whenever you have an idea , do what i do – use your energy to bring the idea to life . Dont hesitate , dont hold back . With good motor moevemnrt , your enrgy will flow .

When you are physically wiped out , motor movement process adrenaline fot the mind and the body and for me the game of the combat ,exercise for the body , and intellectual exercese for the mind .

I belive playing tennis , strength training and runining drives my creativity ethos . When you get this momentum right , you strt to think in terms of possibilty

Try this for 30 days – your creativity will increases .

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Communication as i learned in network marketing is the ability to form a relationship with people . Its not that simple . communination is a skill How can a relationship form without communication , it often begins with an easy sommunication . . Sometimes a spark easily ignites a friendships , it deepen with more difficult communication .

Its in impossiple to learn anything important about anyone until we get him or her to disagree with us .Its only in contradiction that character is disclosed . . And its susttained with kintentional communication .

Few yaers back i used to think many people love my exuctement and enthutiasm , i was wrong . The worst thing is to share your exictement and passion with someone or people that are not interested . iys kills your passion and enthutiasm then very difficukt to form a realtionships .

Its difficukt to form any relationship without communication . so my solution wnhenever something important happen or a great ideas i want to share with my partner or my best friend and this deepen my ability to communicate better .

And i want better people to be recipient t of my enthutiasm . .

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Do Not Covet Your Ideas

There is a lots of opportunity to generated ideas, there are always there , you just need to be flexible and fluid enough to take advantage of them . . If you have an idea that can improve soemones life then give it to them . You will become an idea machine wich will open up lots of opportuity for you

Give away everything you know , and more will come back to you .

, You will; remenber from school other students preventing you from seeing their answers by placing their arms around their exercise book or exam paper .

Its the same at work people are secretive with thier ideas . == Dont tell them that , they will take the credit for it . The more ideas you give themnore it will come back .

The problems with hoarding is you end up living off your reserves . Eventually you become stale . If you give away every ideas you have , you are left with nothing so this force you to look . , to be aware to replenish

And some how , the more you give the more capabilities you have .

Ideas are open knowledge , dont claim ownership .

Write 10 ideas daily – you will become idea machine .

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Learn To Listen With An Open Heart

Listening is like learning a new language , do you know that people always want someone to talk to thats the reason for theraphy anyway when you are speaking with other people , silence are good .Pause means love . , we want to hear , we are interested , we care .

When you asked people focused question , you care about them . You need to care enough for yourself before you can care for others . Rushing out words mean fear , it means we dont want to let anything in , we must fill in the silence and we think we know better .

We live in a society that speak too much . try silence sometimes you may like it . The more silence i vbecome , the more creative im and the more money i make . I dont know about you nut i have more good energy and good thought from being siilence

And you can say no to extra uneccessary words . When someone is talking , let them finish . Dont say yeah in the middle

When someone is finish talking take a breath .

Real communication begin in silence not a words and thats why its always good to satrt with a story .

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Value People

Growing up i was strictly taught to respect people especially the elders and when you dont do that you get punished. Well that show i grow up . . So then i played sports on a high level , so i understand communication , interaction and being liked . I always taught its the older and succesful people can teach me things ,. Well i was wrong .

Few years ago , i attended a seminar on corrective exercise and how to desogn exercsie programm , on getting there i was suprised not to see the original creator of the course so i was dissapointd thinking i coudnt learnt anything from younger teacher . Well it cahnge my life and the way i think about people .

That suprised me and later i realised that , Before that seminar , i thoght only older , more , succesful people could teach me anything . Ihad walk into that room plaving very little on other people there . As i said earlier im a wrold class athelee and thats often get in the way .And that was wrong attitude .

People dont learn from people they dont value , i determined to cahnge my thinikng from that day forward .

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Everybody Needs Somebody

There isnt a person in this worls who dose not need other people . no one wins alone and no one succedd alone . The reason most people thisnks they dont need anyone ha sto do with their self image and confidence . Most people will rather let someone needs them than ask for help .

When people have serious confidence and self image issue , then they dont ask for help . Im a very independent p[eesron but also good with asking for help . i believe its a sign of high esteem . Im also goood in helping people belive in themself even thou it doesnt look certain i guess thats one of my strength .

What are you going to gain from brining people down ,./ the more you help people see ceratininty ,the more opportunity arives in thier life . The issue is how much do we need from each other

Its better to beleive . everybody will get better if you give them the chance . We should always challenge people to become better and help them to belief in themselves im not saying doing the work for them but everything will take the work , help and belief of other people .

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Stuff Ive Learned In 2020

The year 2020 in my perspective is a great year that forced me out of my comfort zone , got me creative and facing mountains of obstacles . As a busness owner i needed to become more self relaint , take more actions not just overthinking and thats exactly what i did . si here some things that hase really work and moght be useful for you

Take actions on hwta you wnat you want to do secretly and dont get anyone involve until its done . doing this way means you can pritect all the negativity thats is coming to attack it .

Creative thinking is difficult to find , – so i joined a mastermind

On negotiation – No is a protection = Saying no give you the feeling of security , it gives you time to think befere any commitment .

Develop a strcit boundaries – People dont mean bad , they dont just care about you but themselves

People buy with feeling , the more they feel , the more they buy . I used to focus on a long term goals for people . Whao that made me lose lots of money but when i switched to combine both , my income sky rocket .

Resistance is the source of all pain , fear , anger , and guilt and shame that doent mean its not okay to feel those emeotions , you must feel those emoyions it part of being human but yoiu can let go of their hold on you .

As an entreprenuer the more i focus on getting clietns result by providing extra value , the more money i make . You see everything ihard work . High income sillks , marketing , copy writting , empahaty , creativity

Finally – please hire some help = like pay for coaching , pay for mentorship – you will see the different .

I want to be the best in what i do – so that me and its happening .

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There Is Always An Opportunity

In the great deperession , every opporunities shut itself down , the money had run out . Now we have the pandemic , busnesses are closing down but there is money soemwhere at least thats the way i think ., Every day i hear too many people complain that the world is going down .

Its not going down . You could spend the rest of your life fighting it , but your actions wont save the fate of the nation . however , you cn make sure it doenst get in your way

YoU can protect yoor by being being investing in your physical , emotions , and mental strength – quit being lazy and you will see money opprotunties around you as i did .

Every day i try and i find values tio add to someone and i make money . I did not sit around thinking the goverment will come to the rescue . im thinking if people like Lloius armstrong survive the great depression , then im going to try .

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Accept That Nothing Happens By Accident

we go through life daily and things will alwyas happens to us iether by our doing or through others . Life is ever cahnging , people comes and go . Events comes and go Through change , nature evolves and human wisdom progress . Nothing in this world is an accident – people comes and teach a you a vaulable lesson through the universe .

Through un expected incident , the universe tries to teach you something You need to accept and learn but most people have been exposed to this kind of of wisdom so they rationalise and over thinking . Rationalisation are generally conveienient evasions of reality and are used as excuses for dishonest behavoiur, mistakes , and laziness .

Afriends of mine has gone through a divorce twice , and hes still convinced that both women are bad and i try to get him to see the lesson in bioth failed marriages but he rationalize ad justify and i mentioned to him that without laerning from those two failed marriage he will never learn , that the universe is teaching him something untill he learns . Learn the lesson .

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