Dealing With Mistakes

Dealing with mistakes is actually a act of responibilty . Its not fun because most of us has not been taught how to handle mistakes properly .Daeling with mistakes can have a lot of impact on our esteem and emotion if people around us are not being supportive . Thats  one of the reason in my observation why  most avoid mistake at all cost .

No one ever set out willingly to make mistakes .Its crazy when we like to play safe and avoid making a mistake . Not make mistake or seeking to avoid one means you might have to trade in your true value  vulnerable self for a short time  – focused obsession with pleasing the wrong people .

Here are ways to look at mistakes or lets say how i usually handle mistakes. There is a lesson ive laernt in a valuable way , as a kid when my mother saw me making mistakes  she will become angry and frustrated all because shes in experience and dont know how to handle the problems . Most time she is coming from her own insecurities .

We all do this with people will love thinking we are protecting them .Making mistakes is a way to learn . Ive seen people calling themself stupid once they make mistakes and this is a wrong approach .

Whenever  you make mistakes , see it a way to be creative , to become self reliant and learn or as a way to grow in that area .As you learn a better attitude toward mistakes, you will feel less tense , your work will improve , you will try new things .

In this way you can begin to undo negative programming .

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Ten Things You Should Know About Relationships

Im always thinking relationships is the backbone of everything , not only sexual or romance , but in buisness and life .It entails willingness to keep agreement and handle obstacles by adressing , processing , and resolving conflicts . Sadly most people confuse attachment with love .

Most people are coming from position of basic needs so they get confused about their  intention in a relationships .Lots of people are suffering simply because they are not able to maintain a great relationships. Im talikng about people that are too entitle and needy

Here are the ten things ive gathered by observing myself and other people .

In the conventional view , living together is considered a logical goal , but the reality  is most people are not meant to be together nor living together  and some people are excellent at it .


Are you aware that relationships is like a busness partner . . A person is candidate for a relationship when he is able and willing to give and receive love . To handle feelings , to make a commitment  and to keep agreements .

He can forgive and let go of his ego long enough to work problems out amicably .

He follows a reconciliation  , not retaliation models in his interactions .

Has no overpowering or religious obsessions .

Has no disability with respect to money – example cannot earn  , spend , share , save , lend , contribute , receive .

Has no active addictions – drugs , alcohol , too much talking , no actions .

An action taker , someone who is doing something .

Is your friend not just your sex partner , loves your company and is compatible .

Shares interest with you – doesnt have to be everything .

Im not saying this out of fiction its about the truth that bounds us all up as a human being .

To your love .




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My thought On Confidence

I was asked to give a talk on confidence to teenagers 15 to 20 years  old with self esteem issue . I was really  suprise by their definition of confidence .it also occur to me that esteem issue has nothing to do with only tennagers , in-fact   most adult could really benefits from the talk .

Nothing makes you more confidence than the belief that you can do it . sometimes our confidence shift , but when you are healthy and have good intentions , paved with lots of determination and inspiring action , then you are unstoppable . Thats where confidence comes from .

Its not something that can be bestow on to you , thats why i dont believe all these self help guru  who themselves are not really confidence , but try to sell you the high , the motivations that will lasted for a day , then you will fall back to where you are .

Every one has different strength , figure out what yours are and make it work . Dont try to fit in , by fitting in will ruin your purpose in life .

Confidence isnt about being perfect , its about having internal strength that you can handle new challenges , obstacles and oppotunities .Also the abilty to make the right choices comes from inner strength that build a massive layers of confidence .

Those are my thought on confidence . Let me know yours .


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Honestly Compounds

Honesty compounds no matter what happens in your bank account , in our career and daily life . Itried really hard to be honest , the reason is the fact that people dont want the truth and ego feeds on lies . I tried to be honest with my doctors , friends and family even thou its always a drag .

I found out that dishonesty ages people . – When i mean honesty , its not about pretending to be honest . Here are few ways that ive learned to be honest .

GIVE CREDIT – Even if the ideas were all yours but give credit and move on . For examle my busness partner did all the work in the studio and without him today the studio will not be in a very good shape . I give credits to him even when he is not there .

Be the the merchant of good news- Be the source of new ideas , most peoples come to me for ideas and answers and i give all away free . I doenst matter new ideas  will come and you will be rewarded .

Introduce two people . A good friend  of mine does this very well no wonder he is a successful man . Let the two people benefits , you dont need to be in the middle of the benefit .

Make others look good – I like making videos of my clients because they work really hard and that for me is cool . Everyone wants to be acknowledged for small achievement . Acknowledge even the smallest achievement of people around you ., Small people make s people look bad . Be different , be aware of smallest thing .

Take the blame – Most time i messed up , and big time . You dont want to know . Sometimes i trash people whn im offended and im working hard everyday to improve on being honest also follow the advice ive given in this blog post .


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Treasure Your Mind

Are you aware that everything  around  us is to lose control of our mind . I watched a movie – Bridges of spies played by Tom Hanks . Is a about a russian spy who who despite long nights of abuse with cold water and lack of sleep  he held on to his mind . He did not give the info they were looking for . Thats inspiring .

Peoples are always working to gain control of our mind . Dont surrender your mind , cherish your reason  and hold on to your purpose .Most peoeple mind has been polluted with garbage , frustrtion , impatience , bad habits , fear , self doubt , and self sabotage

Life get simple when you are control of your mind . For example if someone were to casually give your body away to a passer by , you will naturally be furious . Why then do you feel no shame in giving your mind to someone who might influence you .

Think twice before you act , think , gain understanding then act .

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What ive learned from creativity

I personally think we can all be creative if we allow it to happen . Being creative is like a muscle , you need to use it otherwise it will shrink Most often people associate creativity with something intellectual , a particular way of thinking but the truth is that creativity is something that involves our entire emotions , our level of energy  characters and mind ,

To make a discovery , to innvent something that is connected to other people . that serves as a value for the public . Relatioships too matter to a creative person because it involves the entire emotions and being .

Lately i discoverd an obessesion for developing better butt , i also discoverd that lack of proper butt function is the main cause of low back pain , weak body. I also discover that proper glute function will improve the whole appearance and lose weight very fast

To put creativity  to use , you must suspend the need to judge and learn to observe a person or event for a length of time , seek out what is unfamiliar – get rid of need to be secure and embracing the unknown .

It actually bring me back to when i moved away from commercial gym for my own place it was a journey of unknown  but with my creative mind ive built one of the best place to build a better body .

Another thing that ive learned  is when you have a passion for a particular task , you become very emotional  about it , you share without making bargains and you give because you have it .

You will also develop in a way that you will ignore the doubters and the critic and you will be committed   to solve  the problems and will not rest until you do so .

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Learn To Think From The Heart – Not The Head

I was introduced to dynamic meditation 2 years ago  its not what  you think ,when i speak about meditation people think you need to sit close your eyes and trying to be silent .i fell in love with dynamic meditation because it get me to think more from my hear and it improves my memory .Its difficult for someone like me who is full of vitality, alive and energy to sit still . and so if you are energetic like me – keep reading .

Most of my audience range from grandmothers , students and actiually teenagers these days ask me a lot of questions , about depression , feeling low and energy . Most depressions comes from the head not from the heart . Im not a mental heath doctors so i cannot cure depression but all i know is lack of vitality or feeling low is coming from repression of emotions  and thinking from the head  .

The heart  is the gate to reality and vitality , move from the head to the heart then all problems disappear . You will realised that most of the problems are created from the head .I lately found out that in japan they considerd the belly as a thinking brain . Start to breath deep from the belly , then your thinking will be clear .

All my relationships  are based on love and thats why im very attracted to people because they can see that and everyone is looking for some one that are not mechanical . The more your relationship is based on love , the more your heart centre will function .

What you need to work on is change the quality of your relationships , let it be based on love , Not only with your wife , with your child or with your friend but towards life by becoming loving . It means you will create a loving attitude toward life .

And this is how you begin  to think from the head  through  dynamic meditation , You can start with walking but concentrate only on the walking without thinking about anything else  ,. Start  with 5 mins  – no smart phone in your hand just walking .

Get a book on meditation written by OSHO

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