Here isHow My Life Can Benefits Yours

I came across a book from Leil Lowes few years back when i was searching for how to describe my proffesion to people when i met them without complicating myself . I just want differentiate myself from the majority , It turns out that i need to learn how to talk to anyone . You can be a genius of your skills but without knowing how tell people you can benefits them , you can be undervalue yourself . People want to know how you can be of benefits  to them . Simple .

On my searching  , i realised that i need to make a benefits statement  . A friend of mine was out of work , he applied for two positions , one was for sales manger and the other was in a  law firm . Did he sent the same resume to each ? Absolutely not . For the same manger job , he highlighted his experience turning a samll company around by doubling its sales for three years .

For the law firm he underscore working in europe as an apprentice and winning cases were high . The two firm started bidding agist each other , the whole point is eveytiime someone ask you for your job , give a calculated oral resume . Before you submit your answer , consider what possible interest the asker could have in you and your work

When people what i do , i say i help people look younger , energetic , through a specific kind of exercise . I dont just say personal trainer . Whenever i give a statement  benefit , i can see the interest t go high and it open up to a bigger conversation which   sometime lead to closing a client .

For example – dont hairdresser – say you specialize in flexible hair  style for busness executive

Martial art – Dont say martial art , say i help people defend themselves .

Putting benefits statement  in your verbal resume bring your job to life and make it memorable .

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Few Things Sports Taught Me About Productivity

When you play a competitive sport, its either you are productive, or you become a loser. You see most people watching can never understand what you are going through, the discipline you must attain and the mindset that follows it. Every day is a battle, and that your competitive streak must be obvious otherwise you become a loser.

Here are the 4 lessons playing tennis competitively has taught me…


In modern society, we all feel like we must be doing and pacing and fitting in everything; being anxious, stressed, waiting for doors to open. Rest when you have nothing to do, this will prepare you for another battle when you are ready to continue. For me it is great to just rest and be happy and not move when you don’t have to. Those doors will eventually open.


Be a good compassion person is something we develop over the years; someone said to me that most people are not good people, I still don’t understand why people tend not to be good. If you keep on doing what you don’t like, I think this make people become bad overtime. It takes practise to become a person of compassion and honesty. Sadly, most people spend 1000s of hours being a jerk around others. If all you do is put a small kindness out there, then the universe will reward you.


When it comes to productivity – I’ve never seen a sick and out of shape person who is productive. The thing is most people think they can get away with bad health but it’s a lie because when you are sick your thoughts will be stupid. You can’t get rid of it, you are in pain, and pain take up your mind and precludes you from doing the thing you like to do.


When issues arise, which they will undoubtedly do, use it as an opportunity to practise being open minded. Be willing to be open minded and look at why the other side think the way they do.

Thanks for reading this blog.

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You’ll Look and Feel Great – and Live Longer Too

I’m writing this blog so much to me as to you too, I need to remind myself everything mentioning in these blogs. This obsession of mine started few years ago after visiting an anti-aging clinic with a friend suffering from hormones problems; as it turns out your lifestyle determines much more how you end up than your genes do.

It simply boils down to a matter of personal choice. Your future’s biggest determining factors are the decisions you make now – your choices make up who you are, and this is scary that sometimes people around us don’t want to talk about it. We are not controlled by our genes, environment or associates but we become the product of our choices. So, take charge of your life and your future now.

Do you want to look great – or look great for your age?  Do you want to feel great – or feel great for your age? There is a huge difference.  What I’ve discovered is people will do almost anything to remain in a comfort zone, and for me personally comfort zones doesn’t make me feel good, so I need to disturb or challenge it. Sometimes I make myself purposely uncomfortable just to see how I will deal with the hardship.

The truth is no matter what challenges you have in life, eating healthy, and stress reduction techniques with a healthy supplement will give you more energy and better sleep patterns. They make you more effective and more productive in less time.  You might not be ready for this message now or until disaster strikes. The sad truth is people will always go to the end of the earth to cure something that goes wrong.

What you can do now is fast forward and imagine yourself jogging in a tropical forest in ten years’ time.

Thanks for reading, I wish you health and happiness.

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The Most Important Job on Earth

My very good friends and tennis partner seems to have it all; great health, a beautiful family, a lovely home and plenty of money. The problems? Her teenage kids are driving her completely nuts!

She is not alone as most parents are in this position, she wanted me to offer an insight because she admires my thinking and the level of my discipline, she even thinks the kids should come and talk me. Yet, the problems will not resolve from a conversation with me alone, but also from her.

The first thing I told her was that kids don’t do what you say, they do what they see. How you live your life is an example to them. One of the reasons that I don’t smoke or drink excessive alcohol is the fact that none of my parents does that, every parents have different challenges but it comes down to the rules you set at home and I think kids need guidance and discipline.

As a parent, it’s our responsibility to educate our kids about the consequences of their behaviour. This requires frequent communication and sometimes punishment. Yet according to a recent study, the average parent spends three and half minute per week communicating with their kids.

It’s a tough world out there, things are tougher for parents now – but that only means good parenting is more important than ever. Yes, the school will teach them reading, science, history, and math or should. Yet it’s up to us, their parents, to teach our kids the most important things like work, health, money, relationships, and integrity.

Part of this of course is leading by example, in my view there are certain things kids need to be taught:

  • Respect your elders
  • When you give your word – keep it
  • Look people in the eye when you talk to them
  • You don’t need someone to complete you – complete yourself
  • Learn to think for yourself
  • If you don’t know something, look it up
  • Cigarette don’t make you cool; they make you look dumb
  • Sex is great but unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases are not
  • When you need help ask for it, when others need help give it

Those are just some core values that I came across which I consider highly valuable for the kids around us.

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Make Your Cells Happy – the Pillar of the Body

Your body is always a total reflection of what’s going on in your mind. if you are walking around with a tired body, overweight and lack of awareness it’s very difficult for you to be alive and happy. Most people walk around with a dead state of mind. Being happy though is not just a state of mind but state of the body, in fact our bodies are designed to support our happiness. Without a strong body you are giving in to a weak mind.

When we are happy, we are alive and buzzing. Sadly, most people are in denial of their feelings or through lack of awareness of what’s going on in their bodies. There are no drugs powerful than most of what you already have in your head. Your brain contains a veritable pharmacy of natural happiness called endorphins – the brain’s natural pain killer, which is three times stronger than morphine. Serotonin which naturally calms anxiety and relives depression, oxytocin – the bonding hormone, and dopamine which promotes alertness and feelings of enjoyment among others.

All these hormones are just waiting to be released into every organ, and if they stagnate then you become very unhappy. This is one of the major reasons that people are hooked to painkillers, video games, drugs, food, sex, anything that will help them release these hormones into their organs.

You can create your own supply of happiness hormones at any time you want. When your cells are happy, you are happy.  Your thought, feelings, food and environment also have an influence on your cells. You need to strengthen the pillars within the body by nourishing your body.  Most people will only take on exercise or diet when doctors recommend it. I mean I’m glad I grew up in a sports background, but I also have my own challenges.

Your cells will become happier when your body is nourished. When you eat fresh whole foods and by having a balanced system – your hormones will be happy. When you drink plenty of water and energise your body.  Don’t take my word for it, if you have been feeling unhappy lately, check your food, environment, your thoughts and your words.

Do this for 30 days and you will experience a whole different world.

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Movement Not Muscle – Health and Beauty

I love working out! I’ve played sports and have been working out all my life. I hate injury as much as any professional athlete or weekend warrior, which brings me to the subject of movement which is ignored by most people.

I like to coach movement; I usually advise my clients never to skip warm up – I mean mobility warm up doesn’t matter how much time you have. If you have 10 mins to strength train, always do 5 mins mobility, you will thank your body the whole day.

One of the biggest reasons to focus on movement is to reduce aches and pains; the reason you get aches and pains after working out is because your body lacks mobility and has restriction, means you are not moving well. For many years, dermatologist have noticed that the skin of acne sufferers seems to age more slowly than the skin of the lucky few who do not suffer from acne, the typical sign of aging such as wrinkles and thinning skin appear later in acne patients.

Honestly, I still understand what causes muscle to grow. What begin to happen when you don’t move well, when you focus only on muscles is Rather than being body, soul and spirit you end up with out of proportion  body , bid biceps , pecs , triceps, quads even though most people don’t work their  quads – hope you get the point .

Fat loss is an all-out war – it’s not a lifestyle choice, it’s a battle. For you to win the battle you’ve got to start with movement then the muscle will appear. Work the movement.

Here’s my list of exercise that improve vitality and movement:

  • Horizontal push – push up
  • Explosive full boy – Kettle bell swing
  • Deadlift –
  • Rotational torque – like med ball slam
  • Anterior chain- Med ball abdominal throw

As you can see you need movement, focus to execute these exercises properly.

Good luck and thanks for reading.

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Keep Your Identity Small

Having defined habits is essential to building a good life, but as we progress on to the new identity those same beliefs can hold you back from going to the next level. I’m always reminding myself that I’m taking things to the next level, which is not always an easy thing to do. But here is what I’ve observed, we need to break away from the old identity by breaking a belief that will hold us back.

Your identity creates a kind of a pride that encourage you to deny your weak spots and prevent you from truly growing. Sometimes our identity keeps us from accepting our weak spots, it’s important to be open minded if you want to get ahead in life, business, health and relationships. The more you let a single belief define you, the less capable you are of adapting when life is challenging you.

We see this all the time, a schoolteacher who ignores innovative teaching methods and sticks with her tired and tested lesson plans. A vegetarian who develops a health condition that my end his life if he doesn’t make a bit of a switch. The experienced surgeon who dismisses the idea of a young colleague. The parents who dismiss the golden ideas of their children on how to do things faster.

So, the key to mitigate those lost identities is to redefine yourself so that you keep the important part of your identity even if the roles you play changes.

I’m an athlete becomes ”I’m the type of person who is mentally tough and loves a physical challenge.”

“I’m a musician who now educates and love to see other people singing.”

I’m a CEO becomes “I’m the type of person who builds and create things.”

The best way is to keep on reviewing how your identity and habits change. A lack of self-awareness is poison. Please be aware.

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