Patience Is A Beauty Secret .

Patience tends to honour life energy flows . and frustration goes against it . Look  at the pamdemic for example is teaching us emphaty  and to be more patience  Ive learned a valuable lesson from not being patience enough .  Ive also seen chronic frustration and impatience pertmanently screw up my clients features ..

I can see it in people faces when they impatient , its ugly . The faces becomes sour looking , tense with frown lines , the body language become aggresiveas in their energy . . Impatience makes people look ugky and they dont even recognise it .  Do you wnat to be like that – Not me .

Now here is a beauty  real secret , patience makes your appearance  more radiant soft , and approachable . How ? by shifting by shifting your out of the frustration  into your solax plexius . the emotional l energy center . The more patience  you are , the more attractive you will be .

Patience  keep us young and spare us from the stressed out look of perennially trying too hard and fighting the flow . It let us be a friend to others  and to ourselves . Enegetically and nurturing .

A pateice person is nice to be around m they generally carry loads of good energy . Next time you become frustrated, take a deep breath and  enligthen  yourself to acknowledge the fact that it will make your face look haggard .

Lets keep  the community of good energy together .

Here are few exercise that get rids of frustration

Prisoner squat x 20 ,

Push ups x 20

Lunges x 10

In verted row x 10

Repeat 2 to 3 times within 10 min

You will feel awesome





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The Hardest Victory

The hardest victory is to get things done , a satisfied life comes from meeting your daily objectives  and that means doing what needs to be done and thats the hardest victory .I grew up getting things that needs to be done to be done , its like a kind of discipline  because if  you dont do it no one to come and rescsue  you , its a different stories in the western world .

The europeans create a place where people can complain , complaining and taking action doesn not match ,  Self discipline is the foundation of freedom , it gives you structure and doing the hard things first , In years of coaching clients  , i have come to realised that people have no discipline  nor structure .

Thou we cannot be discipline at everything , like i dont do well with going to the dentist but i finally found one who gave me a good structure and my strenght which  is my discipline allows me to follow through  . .

Take dieting for example, its estimated that the Europeans spend up to 6 billions annually on  dieting aids . But lets be honest with ourselves  Dieting  is not about Keto or south beach or low carbs , Nor its about cholesstrol , sugar or fats grams .

Its about maths . Every  day of your life you either taking more calories than you burn or burn more calories than you take in . You already knows which food are good for you and which  ones arent  . No one needs to tell you breakfast of eggs and vegetables or sugar cereal and donut . Cooomon losing weight is about nothing more than commiting to a healthy diet and regular exercise not extreme exercise that lead you to knee surgery .

We all nave the capacity to succeed but if you are not meeting your objective s then you need to things  up your discipline .

Im looking fro 3 dad who want to say NO to gaining weight during this lock down please get in touch by leaving me a comment . i will personally coach you and give you a good structure to avoid weight  gain .

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How To Have A Good Day Working From Home

The pandemic has thrown all of us in shock , most people had never  work from home before , nor coach any one  online- the transistion  is not really an easy one and to be realistic  its  going to take a while to sink in . You cannot just go from offline to online withn 24 hours or start working from home immediately .

You need to understand your own personality  and how you handle adversity ,

here are few tips that will really help you .

Ive been working from home for the past 7 years so for me its okay –

Start your day early – one thing i forgot to mention is you need to create a discipline to get this done . – Dont lets your kids be your alarm . .If you get up before your kids you will get the most important  job done

Set boundaries 0 It means no disturb is no disturb no matter whats going on

Spark joy in moderation –  consume less alcohol , Have a break after 55 min of work , rest for 5 min .

Set your break like a smoker –   its important for your mental health to do this

Set u a date night – eat at a different place , try different food .

Set up to do or die for the day — Do your most important task , its either you do it or die .

Stay away from the news  to reduce anxiety

End the day with a strength  in reserve – i it means  if can handle 6 task , do 2 , in that way the one you handles with more ease , more mastery , and you create a feeling of strength in reserve .

Take care .




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Sleep Is Important Than Diet And Exercise

Sometimes i think  everyone know  this – this is a conversation between  me and my physical therapist 0 she said , you are suffering from imposer syndrome which mean , no not every one know or do this .One thing that sleep depreviation is connected to is weight  t gain and no amount of exercise can cure that .

People gain weight when there is imbalamce in the function of the hormones called leptin and grehin , the hormones that activate hunger .

Another way that sleep is more important is to fight disease and infections – people who sleeps up to 8 to 9 hours  can easily fight the cold off and think better

Sleep deprivation is soo powerful that it can change the DNA . – sleep is important t  to build the memory  of your muscles  when you learn new skills or new exercise  – it helps bulid the motor  skill for learning .

.One of the most important about sleep is storing information we have recentlky learned – i usually sleep more to get better memory – i also find it challenging to rngage in a conversation with someone who sleep less than 8 hours daily . The brain function will be low and their judgement will be affected .

Here are my simple techniques for better sleep – you can get the kids also involve – Eat early before  7.30 pm

Less alcohol before bed

Sleep in a total dark room – cold

Get a better matrress.

Turn off all electronic before 10 pm

Sleep naked




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Everything Happens For A Good reason

Im sure you you ve seen this many times , things usually  happens for the reason we usually dont know most times for good , As you think , so you become its very simple but not so simple .  Avoid supersstitously   events with power of meaning they dont have . .

Keep your head , our busy minds are for ever jumping to conclusions . A fiend of mine missed his flight the other day , he was so frustrated that he though  someone is out there to out do him or ruin his life . I tried to get him to see things in a different direction  but his negative mind is so possesed and  its going to take him a while to reallised his superstition .

We ve been in a lock down for weeks now and all im doing is looking for the good in this rather than the doom in it . its difficulkt thou when you are not used to this type of thinking . . Few days i lost my front tooth , it means no big smile for a while but i will take that over any other health  issue and its  about time i invest more time in taking care of my oral health .

Assume instead , that everything that happens to you does so for some good That if you decided to be lucky , you are lucky .  All events contain and advantage for us if we decide to look for it .

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A Healthy Marriage Is Built On a High Expectation

The best relationships  are the ones that have higher expectations  of each other , no one succeed alone and you need someone to support and believe  in you , its a diffrent energy entirely . Most marriage dont succeed  because un realistic expectations . One can be 100 oercent perfect – and no person cam make another person happy . If you think your spouse is perfect and can do no wrong ,its better you seek help .

The number one sign of a healthy marriage  is that spouse see other more positively than other people do . , but see each other and support realistically niot doubting each other . When a woman belief in her husband , he can move mountain   , he can go and close thata deal , he can go and talk to anyone because he has the bset support system in the world ..

It my job to bring the esteem of people around me high in a realsiutc way , build people up and they will perform wonder .

Each  of us has to be realistic    about our spouse , no body is perfect   . But if you are married and dont believe  in your spouse and support him or her 100 percent , then get some help because your relationships  could be headed  for trouble .

You are likely to be healthy and not overweight if you are in a supportive realtionships  .

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The Value Of Giving Before Trying To Get

Most people only intention of giving is to get , this kind of people tend  to suffer through life . Thou they are are different type of giver and takers , some people fell into category  of a taker . I can sense them anytime , they are soo good in taking that they cannot even smell themselves .

You should be aware that there is no effort  which  we extend tho those eho are distress can go without some form of adequate reward . Not always does the reward come from those to whom the service is rendered , but it will come from one source or another . This is the highest  form of value and many people tend to miss that .

Ive written many article about this – A giver always have power – people stay  on  the side of a giver not a taker . – I understand that giving might  be a problem if you are thinking of what to get in return but just have the altitude of gviing without knowing  will create opportunities for you in life .

A little personal story when i was looking for a place to start my busness – The pesron that connected me with  the landlord  was someone one ive renderd a help to many times without asking for anything in return  and when i told him about my problem he quickly  put a good words  for me and the landlord  agreed . . Thats the power and value in giving without ven thinking of getting .

The sole motive which inspire me to keep on wrtting these  are the desire to be helpful to others , You dont need to do it in form of materails gain , it could be emotional  , it could be spiritual , As  long  you have your other self you will be successful  , double  your income  and more happiness in your life .

Do these for few days and you will see massive changes in your life and happiness

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Dealing With Hurting People

One of the highest   income skill is selling , then the abilty to win with people . we need to learn how to win with people in our lives both professionally and personal . Everything is learnable skill . I want to win with people daily in a good healthy way , to meaningful conversation with people without getting defensive . I started to practise and learn  how to be a good leader .  This takes me to  me to dealing with hurting people .

Weve all been hirt at a particular time in our life . and if you wish to travel far and fast . Take off all your envies , jealous , lack of trust , unforgiveness , selfishness and tears . People who have not gotten past their hurt has a hard  time doing that . They even have a hard time being happy . As a result , they act and react differently from healthy people .

Healthy people are more willing to change – — more willing to admitt  failure , more willing to discuss issue , more willing to learn  from others , and  more willing to do something about their problems .

UNHEALTHY PEOPLE – Are in other way not willing to discuss issue , not willing to resolve their problems – Less willing to change Less willing to admit failure  Less willing to do something about their  problem and they carrying around a lot of baggage .

If you find yourself dealing with a hurting person  – do not add to their hurt

Look beyond the person  for the problem – Try to see whats causing the pain

Dont take it personally – Hurting person are going to find offence when none is given – when you know that youve done nothing wrong – have a compassion for thier  pain and apologize – this can be very difficult even for a person with a healthy self image.

The more we practise this , the better we win with people .


Thanks for reading .





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There s Always An Opportunity

People  think when a particular  opportnnity is lost it cannot be regained , i think thats a lie and thats why most people stop trying . , there is always money somewhere – theres is alwyas someone who will solve a problems . You remmember  during the great depression when everyone is down and out , i read a story of Loius Armstrong . some  of his companions went  back to new orleans  to raise the chickens or disappear  to into factory or famine .

He didnt do that , he took a different action , drawing  into the L A to play at a cotton club and play his saxophone while other people were complaining about the great depression . This is how i see things . instead of putting my head down and complain of whatever is in my way , i see it as an opportunity to check myself and move forward .

I know this kind if thinking is difficult because people want to play safe . they only see what will go wrong rather than opportunity . Ive always had every aspect working against  me , but i refuse to see it , i refuse to play it safe . When i started  my personal training studio busness , it was cold in my studio due to lack of money to buy the heat or do the floor but now its one of the luxurious studio in my area .

The only thing i see is an opprotunity to serve and provide what is missing in fitness  to the public . The way it will be done to make people well not in a commercial way .For me if someone like Loius Armstong at that time can rise up to the higher  level at that time then i will wake up everyday and try my best .

We can all always try . at least   at the end of the day we can say we try and its bearable and grateful . Not trying actually  make me depress .


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Enter Action With Boldness

Most of us are timid by nature , we avoid actions then do a lot of thinking or very calculating and at the end of the day nothing get done . From my own personal experience  taking actions  has to do with our enviroment and the way our body functions . people  who are healthy tend to take bold actions and ready to suffer the consequnces . People like me . I usually take actions most people wont take without saying a word to anyone , It works  for me that way .

When we prepare too much , we dont bring ideas to life . People have a sixth  sense for the weakness of others . If , in first encounter you demonstrate  your willingness to compromise , back down and retreat , you bring out even the lion in people who are not neccesray blood thirsty . . Everything depends on perception andmoet people will only love you as much as they you can be push around.

A bold move even makes  you seems larger and bolder than you are . . Life rewards action taker and we get what we put in . Its a good thing to remind myself daily to stop being lazy and take the actions . You cam always apply the same to yourself . Do one thing daly – not a lot .

Some times  we want to avoid tension and conflict , then we make contemplate a bold action , but we rarely bring it to life . Boldness on the other hand is outer directed . and often makes people feel more at ease since its less self conscious and less repressed . , its never comes to akwardness   or embarrasment . And so we admire the bold and prefer to be around them ., because of their  self confidence

You must practise and develop your boldness . You will often find use  for it  The best place to began is often the delicate  world of negotiation . , especially those discussion in which  you are asking to set your own price .

Dont ask for too little .



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