Re- invention Is The Only Way Forward

I will tell you one of the reason i love talking to kids , its because they reinvent themselves all the time  they are very creative . Most adult have become stupid so i dont do so well with them .Everything  is tough and life is hard . It doesnt matter either we have a good life or bad life , it depends on the side you want to spend the rest of your life . The only way is to keep re inventing your self yearly or monthly if  you have the drive .

The world  is changing quickly Few years ago we didnt have smart phones and now every thing  is transparent , everything is quick which actually make people more impatience and angry . Here are the few ways that i have learned to keep on reinventing myself .

Habits and freedom – I improve this daily and it compounds into months . Also my competence . So re- invention occurs daily . The ways i look at it its not something you wake up say today  is a re-invention day

Taking action – I dont like doing so many things , if i know i have to or choose 5 things in a day , i make sure no matter what i get it done . .

Improving Relationships –   This is the most important thing in life , finding friends who build you up and challenge you not a drinking  buddy , or someone you workout with but someone who is motivating to go forward ,

Habits –  someone said to me the other day that we are the habits of five things we do , the things you eat , the ideas you have , the content you consume , the people you talk to .

Ive been through many failures imaginable and ive applied  all these technique  to my own life ,  They work but it also require focus and discipline .

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We  all make excuses , but when i dont make excuses it gives me direction for today and increase my potential for tomorrow .I always make excuses when i domt want to do things or when i m not interested , as  i started to study phillosophy  i realised that certain  excuses could  be deadly if i dont change .

We all make excuses to justify our actions , but its possible to curb our arrogance , to overcome pleasure and pain – to rise above ambition . There should be no excuses in caring for other people  , not to be angry with stupid and ungrateful people but even  care for them .

Its not an easy  things to do but you can worked at it the way i do. We dont come out of our parents womb incapable of ego or immune to temptation . Anyone can get better , if i could get better , not that easy but it can be done .

The only way i stopped making excuses is i make it a priority . soling it as i will solve any other problem . to dedicating myself to finding  a solution and making incremental progress . As i explained earlier  , not that easy but can be done .


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How Not To Lose Your Way With Your Body — CATABOLIC

A friend of mine is a pastor , a very brilliant intelligent one , during one of our discussion i told him that if we lose our way with our body we are also losing our way with God I made my point by saying that god live in us and spiritually we cannot fully develop  if we have a sick  body , that everything is connected . Im always looking at things from inside not outside and everything from inside affect outside .

Any way he agrees with me even thou he considered me to be a little bit unstable . Thank god he is not a fat pastor otherwise he will never understand what im talking about .  My whole point is Catabolic .

CATABOLIC – A  scientific term for the state your body goes into when you dont fuel it or when you fuel it with processed food . When you dont fuel it for couples of hours your body start to break down hard earned  muscle tissue , Being catabolic is detrimental to your body , physique and mental health .  You want to avoid being catabolic at all cost ,

One of my clients is a judge , he explained to me that during all the sessions  in court t thats when his body goes into catabolic position because of the long hours of sitting , we find a way to nourish his body with protein  in the morning then some mid snacks  of nuts and water during break to keep his body out of danger .

Its your responsbility  to always find a way to put your body in a anabolic position , the opposite of catabolic . When all these is good then you will do a better job as a human being and become successful in life . Remember  cataboilc is the devil .

You must constantly carry food with you like nuts , fruits and water , this will put your body in a good position and please dont skip meal .

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What Sports Taught Me About Life And Business

Playing sports on a higher level is like living in a space  its a whole different thinking but what ive found out lately is developing  a skill at early age does some thing  to your brain and the way of thinking . The number one great lesson i learnt  from sports it to be an extremely long thinker .There is no other way around  it and you are going to fail a lot before you actually achieved   anything  Its a nn invaluable skill and not trainable .

The ability to see obstacle as a challenge , boundless energy , optimism  , plenty of self confidence , a chronic hunger for success , self discipline  and capacity for hard work and finally a state of mind that regards each obstacle  as a challenge . I think on a personal term thats why i dont see big deal in a lot of things .

Growth –  At some point people think having a business  has to do with a busness degree , i would rather have a degree in economics and human phsycology  . Business  degree has its own merit but i think we need to grow with business ..

Lately  i became a fan of ELON MUSK  . He is an extreme long thinker , like jeff Bezos and Larry Page . These three guys are shaping our world in a different way and they are disciplined so i became a fan . I love discipline  people because they make our life easier which bring me to another great quality i learnt from sports .

Self Discipline  – Is the most important personal quality for assurance long term success i sometimes or many time stay at home and do nothing – its the best thing long term for my business . i needs to sacrifice which is the price i pay for security in the long term .

Delaying instant gratification – It takes time to grow or build a business  , you need practise , you will probably lose money even friends but dont veer give up for what is important to you .


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Vitality And Creativity

To be honest i dont usually see big deal in creativity , im just extremely spontanues  without over thinking  , once i started to over think    and planning   then nothing  get done , If you want to jump by instinct  , then people start to tell you to be careful this is where you lose your initial creativity and the ability to do it well .

Love is also creativity which brings vitality , you cant be fatique and be creative its impossible . Love can only comes to you in solitude and this brings vitality and creativity hope im making sense . Most artist that get hook on drugs look for solitude for their creativity . I just like to be in the wood , run and do yoga .   .

Vitality and creativity are married , you cannot separate them , An artist must be alone its not about being lonely its about vitality . Empty your bowels daily also increase vitality which enhance creativity and fuel your passion . Vitality is extremely important t because people get tired of the same old , same old .

We all face the reality of fatique it happens in marketing , busness , relationship . people get tired – pretty quickly  of the same old – I do  Lack of creativity can be a dangerous game of diminishing return . The whole point of this message is for you to invest in your vitality means investing in your health .

One of the main reason  i write this blog weekly is to sharpen  my mind , ideas and creativity . The more you invest in your health the more vital and vibrant you become

Thanks for reading .

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Regression And Progression – An Heroic Atitude Of Life

Regression and progreesion is part of life and no one can escape this . Sadly the economics and the commercials marketers are always telling you to go more rather than to regress to move forward . For example people like to do intensive exercise but they hardly think about intensive recovery . Also people like to work , but they never think about how they are going to play . For you to go  further  you need to step backward otherwise  you will going in motion .

We need to be aware  of regression to progress , conscious  planning it . The character  of an individual and his fate are determined by all his experiences  and this have some pyschlogical effects on his or her relations to the heroic attitude of life ..  I use this concept a lot in developing my clients  training programm its called periodization .

Periodization is the period where you can return the base , As an athlete i recognised  and develop this in my daily habits / routine . . When i talked about regression to people they usually say they dont have time , its like saying death is not going to happen . In physcoaalytic  thinking its called the fear of life . My approach to this thinking is to break through the unconscious resistance .

To breath deeply  so that the suppressed feelings become charge and you will have the patience to adapt to changes in regression .  The best way to incoporate all these is to practise awareness .and from a foundamental stand point we must be know that regression also means  progression .

Like a jet engine, we move forward in life by thrusting backward . , backward move provide the energy for the leap forward . Regression and progression go on side by side

Thanks for reading





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You Need To Think Your Way Fit

Every individual has a resources to be in shape or have more natural energy , but most people never  tap into this and they become the prisoner of their own body , Their  body hold them to ransom . Im not just talking about those who are obese or out of shape but relatively the advance traines , the one with years  of training experience ., whose body has not changed much – You see this a lot in a commercial gym .

The power to change your body comes from your thought – your mind ,it has nothing to with having a great trainer or a workout partner . The resource i was talking about is your mind . The psychological aspect of fitness will also help you to become a better person in life .

Some early clients when i worked in the commercial gym find my approach very challenging because of because i refuse to participate in not thinking approach to training,because working out is physical activities  so most people think when they enter a gym its okay to switch  their  mind off ,this is a dangerous thinking that doesnt reward  any positive habits in real life .

Thy gym seems to be a place where  people stop applying  mental effort , they just  want to get in and get out . They are like robots .Ive spent time and energy investing in educating the / clients  people around  me that it doesnt t work this way for long term purpose . Fitness is not a way to switch the mind off but to grow the mind .

To be successful in developing the body you want , you need to be a thinker . seriously  it doesnt  work any other way and moreover you avoid being burn out and looking fatigue and worsen your body and physical energy . Most people prefer not to think and thats the reason their body remain the same .

You wont get the result you want if you dont think about the exercise you are doing , if you begin to think of ways to achieve   the body you want , the energy you want , you will come up with the answers . And is the psychological  aspects of fitness that fails the population that want to live a healthier life .

Thanks for reading . Please join me in shaping the way we approach our life and the people around us .

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