Its The Performance , Not the Hours, Stupid

Most people are routine workers – not remarkable . few years back when i  trained clients at the commercial gyms i experienced lots of low worker performance and their  atitiude regarding  their work . , and because of my background as an athlete , i coundnt figure it out why someone will want to spend lots of time on a job that coukd take few minutes . . .

We all perform various role on the stage of our life , but those roles should be different expression of our best self . Our performance  matter and the can have a powerful impact on those around us . For example i would rather coach a clients for 30 mins or less based on the value im providing not the time they are spending with me . I dont like people relating with me based on the time rather than the value and how i make them feel .

Most of the value i add to people are not really visible but they can feel it and this what i call performance not the hours .Times and work have changed . recent  studies confirmed that knowledge workers have about six good hours of hard mental labour . and anything after that affect the performance  and nervous system which  make people dull and stupid

They also make mistake s that they never make if they d never make if they were rested and fixing those mistake they loger because they are fried . It so impirtant for focus on learning new way to improve your skills and knowledge without overworked your nervous system .

Change is hard , but they are dark spots in these bright spots . If i asked people in your life to describe e your performance , what will they say /as a boss, a mom and a family member to use one word to describe your performane in life . What word will they use ?

You need to think  about your life and work as a performance Not just a routine

Will people  use a world like , incredible , amazing , exrtra-ordnary , excellent great

Remember  if your performance  is good , you will always get a raise . at work . .  And ti increase performnace means  , wake up and study in your filed  3 hours daily . Its all about value not time .


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Choose Your Habits Well

Habits is the most t powerful tools in our brain , our habits determines how our life will shape up , sadly we tend to ignore the impact  good or bad habits have in our life . Its nor so easy to break from bad habits and not so easy to form a new one .Our habits control our actions . If you do just about anything frequently overtime , you form an habits .

Lately ive watching a netflix programm in i language , like spanish , turkish and portuguese and suddenly i realised that i was forming an habits of looking for a prgrammed based on these  shows . . There are different between good habits and bad habits , the good habits are the ones that get you to upper level you   and the bad habits are the ones that are controlled by lower level you .

You can create a better  sets of habits  if you understand how this part of the brain works .For example you can develop an habits that will make you need to eat healthy foods only no matter what circumstances , or the ones that makes you workout .

Developing this skills take some works . some psycollogy says if you stick to habits more than 30 days it will work but im not sure  about this , in my view  it takes more than 30 days to make an habits really works for you . A recent studies suggest if you stick with a behaviour for approxemately 18 months , you will build a tendency to stick with it neraly  for ever

For a long time i didnt really understand how habits control peoples behaviour untill i turned to neuroscience and watched the habits of people around me how they are destroyed by their habits including me . . Habits put your brain into ‘ auto pilot unless .you create some awareness in your daily behaviour . . The most important habits ive aqquired is using  pain to trigger  success and figure out outcome . If you can stick to pain you will become more stronger and stronger .

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The Problem With Sense Of Entitlement

Sometimes we feel entitle  without being aware of it  especially  when things dont go our way . we live  in a world where rights and privillege often get confused , often people think they have the right to be happy or the right for this and that . even if it means they have to impose on other people to get what they want .

A feeling that the world owes you something is a sign of mental weakness . And most of this entitlement  trap uusually emerge as a kid and lead some people to their  adult life without dealing with it .An entitlement mentality prevent you from earning things based on merits you will be less likely to work hard when you are busy complaining of not getting what you want .

You will start to make un realistic  demand of other people . and this will put people off also you might lose the sight of good people in your life ., because you will be focusing on trying to take what the world  or the person  owe you .

If you are always demanding , i deserve to be pay attention to , deserve to be care for , deserve to be treat somehow then you are going to miss out on the best thing of life . When you focus on yourself , its extremelky challenging to be emphatetic  towards other people and life will be tough for you because  its a sign of mental weakness ,


The fist step is to be aware of this behaviour  , one thing i do is i pay attention  to if  im  becoming  entitle to any thing or anyone This take constant reflection of our behaviour and its important to develop sense of awareness of our sense  of entitlement and try to focus more on giving rather than taking . .



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Avoid People Pleasing

One of the few things to quit is people pleasing .Its an impossible feat to always  make everyone  around you happy . again most people dont know boundaries  because  of lack of manners from childhood and disicipline  from their  parents  People pleasing also tend to damage relationships because they dont want to offend their  spouse or family but make themselves extremely  unhappy .

Most  of us assume that people pleasing behaviour proves we are generous . but when you think about it always trying to please people isnt a selfless  act but self f centered  , you assume every one care about your moves – that you have the power to control  how other people feel . This is act of ego and selfishness .

It also damages relationship in a way that no respectable men wants a woman who behaves like a puppet . Most men want a women who dissagree with them or less the man himself is a puppet .

People pleasing  will ho;ld you back from reaching your potential . Its a sign of mental weakness . You can have lots of compassion for people , help them out in your own unique way but dont please them because some people will never apperciate that . They are not used to kindness and generosity  .

People pleasers want to be like – personally   i dont really care if ive been disliked by some one – you can nnot win people over all the time its a waste of time and energy but you can be a very good person . , Most people pleaser want to do that because  they think other people will feel bad , so put themselves low , by doing these you will lose the sight of your value and try to do only what make people happy . .

You cant please every one . so clarify your values and behave according to them will help you become mentally strong and contribute better to the people that deserves it . –

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Embrace Tough Love

Every time you confront something painful , you are at a potentially important junction  in your life . Reality is not so easy to con front but it makes us better and better . – you also have the opportunity to choose health painful or comfortable dellusion that will come back   later to bite you in a big way .

In my own life , what i want to give people is power to deal with reality , thats why i make lots of vides , writting this blog , hiring coaches to help  me with my own weaknesses so that few years from now on i will be a different person . Tough love equal discipline and compounded th in lour life . . i n pursuit of my own goal to give people strength , i will often deny them what they want .

You cannot always do what people like for them . it put them in a weakness position . This can be difficult for people emotionally , even if they understand intellectually .that having difficulties is the exercise they need to grow strong . and that just given them what they want will weaken them and ultimaltely  lead them needing more help .

In my personal training studio i I always emphasize clients to exercise on their own , even if its a crappy workout . The point is not the workout , its the empowerment for them to face the pain by themselves . ,Most l importantly you cannot have someone to recuse you all the time .

Of course most people will prefer not to have weaknesses , well thats is dellusional because we all have weaknesses . Our up bringing  has conditioned  us to be embarrassed  . I urged you not to be embarrase  , Ask for help , and embrace the pain , it might not be pleasant but you will come out stronger . Also it will you break your bad habits and develop good ones and acquire  strengths and optimism .



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The Cost Of Settling

Every thing in life has its own cost – from eating unhealthy food to a bad relationship , we always has tp pay for it . Not long ago i met with a friend i hadnt see for over 5 years . I was shocked inside when i saw her Her faced was drawns , haggerd and inflammed , she looked ten years older than the vibrant 38 years  old i remembered  from before .

I expressed  my concern and ask her what shes been going through . She said shes been haven struggles in her marriage , but eventually got them straightened out . i was skeptical with her answer because it doensnt seems so .A happy marital life doenst seemes to wear you out and looking really haggered  and drained .

i asked her how she solved the problems , she said she lowered her expectations .and decided to settle for less .that she ever wanted . Being the kind of person im , i shared my diaspprove with her and pointed out that it looked like it ws causing  her stress but she defended her decision . . I felt sad and i think if i was uncousiously doing the same thing in areas of my life .

I discovered that in life we need to expand and not contrast – people generally have low expectation so be careful who you share your gaols and ambition with ,, they might get you  settle for their ego purpose .

Pause to reflect in the key ares of your life . Are you settling for less ? Are their other ways you can approach those ares without compromising your values ?

Thank you for reading .




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Fitness is different From Health

The issue of health , longetivity and happiness impact every other goals .Its important to know these before you commited to the  next pull  ups goals or sign up with a personal trainer in your gym .Knowing the different between health and fitness goals may seems confusing and it is . . The first thing is being healthy is totally different from being fit

Fitness is simply ability to perform  a task . because you wake up and go to work in the morning   doenst mean you are healthy .,the idea that health and fitness are the same . They are not , and when you confuse them you really start down the wrong road . Most people are coming from the fixed mindset regarding  their heath and fitness ,

Health is something that can always get  a little better . Health is something  measure by blood teat , you might be depressed with some psycological issue and look fit . health  is something  measure by longetivity    an d the lack of bad health  Health is not illness

Tumors and fainting , high blood pressure , depressions are not sign of good health  Health is something  we mostly take for granted untill we dont . If you can do 100 pull ups or run a marathon , but you have some cancer lurking inside your body , you are fit for a task but are not healthy . The issues are separate but often impact one another .

Here are few rules ive learnt  for health —

Dont smoke

Wear your sit bellt

Learn to fail  and recover

eat more fiber

Drink more water

Take fish oil capsules

Keep your joints healthy

Floss your teeth

Eta more protein

Buil;d muscle

Breath deeply

Thank  you for reading


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