Few Ways To Release Endorphins Into Your Body

Ive been thinking and writing  and experiment about ways to release endorphins  in the body without hurting or compromising our health . Endorphin is a feel good hormones that is naturally low when we feel depressed or very tired . Here are fews ideas that has worked for me and im sure  it will also work for you ,.

BREATHING – Most people have shallow breathing thats why they fight , breath deep in a very stressful encounter will reduce levels of stress hormones , with less stress you will feel happier and generally function better .

ALMONDS –  I always have almonds in my bag , its very hormone friendly and prevent you from reaching  for  sugary snacks .

Laughter – Hang around people that are optimistic and see higher possibilty  , these people tens to make you laugh about things that you think might  kill you . Laughter is also an emotional   freedom , it raises your spirit , increase levels of endorphins , release pressure and reverse learnt seriousness .

HOPE – This is a good thing when you are working at it , if you hope things will turn out well and start to work at it , then it will .Science also suggest that hopes lessens pain by increasing levels of endorphins in the body . the feel good biochemicals .

SOLVING PROBLEMS – Keeping promises and solving problem also increase level of endorphins in the body .the reasons is you work so hard to find a solution to s problem and the end results makes you happy .


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Self Possession And Self Expression

Ability to express  your feelings well has to do with the entire functions of the body , if a person  is blocked in ability to express feelings it will; deaden the body and reduce vitality and i can see this in  many people . Lack of expression reduce vitality and create tension in the body .

You want to be around people or some one who lets you speak your truth without judgement . I used to know friends who doesnt like me express how i feel about situation then i stopped talking to them . You can do the same too . Expression of your feeling is not bulling or manipulating , simply how you feel about a situation .

I always  tell  people around me to say how they feel , its  important for me too .

Self possession  is the ability to gain control of feelings and respond in a better way to a situation . this takes a lot of self control . The purpose is not to limit , but to make the expression effective and appropriate . We all seems to admire people who are in control of themselves .

We all have things we want kick about , weve all seen some injustice we want to express that happen to you or someone you know .

What to do – i learn some kicking exercise long time ago ,

Lie down on a bed – raise one leg up and extend both legs . Keeping them loose , your ankle  should also be loose with the knees extended but not rigid , Do the kicking easily at fist  then gradually increasing the strength .

Do that for about 3 to 5 mins you will notice the different in your expression . You can also kick a punching bag and keep on saying no or get away while you doing that .

This is an expressive exercise that really works .


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The Mind Is All Yours

No matter what the body is going through , the mind is all yours .Im constantly going through changes  to meet my needs and the needs of  the people around me , its not so easy to wear many hats  it involves constant adjusting and changing .i always have to think on the higher plane and deconstruct problems . One of the reason i started  to study phyllosophy  . Dont blame me .

The body can be ravaged by disease , or injured or disables , it can be imprisoned or subjected to torture – our body and our breath dont matter , they are just less but up to the very end , the mind is ours . This is from wisdom of the seneca .

Learn to preserve your mind as ive learned  . A creative mind is a mind that solves problem , protect  your mind and stay away from the news . Talk to people that are optimistic  and see higher possibilty   in life . Refrain from people who says you cant , because their mind has grown feeble .

Focus on sitting quietly and start meditating for about 5 mins daily – you will start seeing the difference in the way you approach things , your mind will be clear .

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Women Training Method That Works For Life

There is no questions that year of using our bodies results in some wear and tear , instead  of feeling helpless and defeated about our physical limitations  that usually emerge as a result of aging , there are also some heath issues you want to keep an eyes on  like keep your bone sturdy .This is where strength  training comes to the rescue

The  thing is as women get older  , you have to work for that  body to keep it stronger  , sexy , and useful . apart from preventing partner to have an affair .Most people are help less and in denied about this but thats the truth .Most of my women audience range from 35 years onward , this is a critical age to begin strength  training .

Hormones level both in men and women begin  to fluntuate , women  and men start   to lose some of their energetic ego drive .Here are some overview ive gathered  over the years  for  women keep their body vibrant and sexy .

Perform high intensity cardio for 30 mins at a time , like sprint and walk . Cardio  kick boxing at least  3 to five times a week . You need to find the time .

Lift weights two or three times a week for at least 30 min

De junk your kitchen , and stock your fridge  with heathy  women friendly  food  .

Make sure your shoes are in good shape .

Go for 1 week challenge transformation in the beginning .

Should in case you are extremely busy like michelle obama who find at least time to train then , research shows that muscle strength and size can be maintained with one or two weight training sessions a week .

There is always a pay off as long as you do the work . women  life can be sexy for life , you need to work for it .


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Dignity And Self Respect

Most people asked me why i write about life rather than what will make them lose weight very fast , well its about going to the next level and  understanding why dealing  with issue is the major caused if the weight gain .  Understanding  dignity and self respect will help  the issue of over eating .

The true respect look beneath the surface or our appearance , self respect is based on our appreciation of ones true or inner self . You see shit happens when you dont understand  who you are . This has taken more than 10 years  to figure out and  m writing  this so that you can learn within  few minutes of reading this blog .

We have self respect when our actions stems from principles od deep conviction . For example i believe  in honesty and taking care of my body which  influence mu appearance and my positive energy , people feed on my positive energy and thats dignity for me .

On a personal level , we tend to lose self respect when we try to manipulate other people like parent  try to manipulate  their children and children also try to do the same .

Anther  quality  that seem s to be lacking these days is dignity . Dignity is a way of carrying one self and since time is money in a modern culture few of us can afford dignity . To have a dignified hearing , your body must be straight and  held high not down as many people tend to be .

Dignity brings big heart , doesnt protect itself and it doesnt hide . It stand  out .

The keys to having dignity is to sense of being grounded , having your feet firmly on the ground . There are certain exercise that promote grounding , one is called the bow and it can be found on a you tube .

Love yah .





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The Great Outdoors

Most people find it very difficult to go outside and exercise during winter . One of the most funs things i do is in my own training regimen is to get out my studio and exercise outside . thou some of my both online and offline clintes has emnbraced this idea but it has taken some efforts .  The commercial gyms doens not favour you in terms of exercising outdoor.

They made the gym look so comfortable and shining to re einforce of your weakness of not wanting  to exercise outdoor . Basically they makes you lazy and you keep on paying them anyway the point is boredom and the same old routine can often result in stagnant  workout and decrease progress . In other words , you get burn out .

Getting outdoor to exercise at onece a week for about 15 to 20 mins is your best short for looking really good, interesting and avoid sickness . Exercising outdoor will spike things up for anyone from beginer to advance , Go outside and do a sprint interval has a huge impact  on your hormones and creative thinking which is your way to economic freedom and becoming  a badass .

Many times people describe their  their sprint interval like they tell me they did 60 seconds and then jogging for 60 seconds , few of  us actually able to sprint for anywhere close to 60 secs , if we are able to . What these people are telling me is more of aerobic interval . There is nothing wrong with this type of interval , its a great progression to lead you to the higher intensity .

Here is an example that will help build your interval session ,

10 repetitions of 80 yards and 60 yards

You do 8 repetition at 80 yards  , when thats finished then you do another 6 repetitions at 60 yards  Rest as needed

You can start practising this at your own pace , Your doing need a baby sitter personal trainer for this , the only thing needed  here is the discipline to get outside .

Shoot me your questions and i will get you your answer .



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The Habits Of doing Something

The first  thing i observed about this habits is you must surround yourself with people who get things done . Most people wait till they are ready or just lazy . its easy to get lazy especially when things  has been done for you at early age .  When i was a student , my english teacher used to say ;; if you are stuck on a problem , dont sit there and think about it – just start working on it even if you dont know what you are doing .

For example ive been self employed for a very long time which menas i get to be creative to raise my financial life . Its always a roller coaster but i keep doing something on a daily basis . its all compound at the end but its all struglling wihout security ., Im used to it and it makes me happy becuae i have the opportunity to enhance other peoples life .

In the course  of applying my old english teacher advice , i learnt a powerfu lesson about motivation . It has taken me several years for this lesson to sink in . After long year of attending seminars , reading , hiring coaches , listen to audios , lauching marketing ideas its all boil down to . Action is not just the effect of motivation its also the cause of it .

People who become execptional at something do so not because they believe they are execptional but they are obesessed with self improvement . They do something daily and do something daily .

Its so easy  to think and talk about a problem , but it is also a challenge to work on it,  the simple act of working on idea will eventually cause the right idea to show up in your head and thats what happens to me most of the time .

The habit of doing something is a miracle , it  inspired actions and action solves problems  the biggest obstacle for most people is poor self image , lack of confidence , or not being able to see yourself doing it . Laziness , procrastination or waiting for better timing . The list of excuses is long and of course useless and valueless . if you want to attract wealth  in your life  you need to get those list out of your life and get the habits of doing something so that you can move ahead .

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