Worry Is An Addiction

Worry is an addiction and many people are addicted to this including me . Thou i dont seems to worry that much until people bring their worry to me . All my tennis year  has helped me to channel my worry into something positive .Thou we have to worry if our child dont retuned home on time and those are the worry we can do something about

When things are going well or when you feeling particularly good , you can always bring yourself down by manufacturing a stream of  worry thoughts , Once you brought  yourself down by worrying , its very tempting  to inflict those thoughts on others . Honestly   speaking most people dont even realise that worry is a sing of addiction .

Sometimes  when you feel down , you need to be careful who you talk to because their worry might be bigger than yours . Worry disturb positive feelings of flow and all i know is preparation beat worry . Worry is a restriction of energy in the body  so is complaint and defensives there are upper limit problem that will stop you from ultimate success  in life .

I once coached a clients who worried a lot . it took a lot of work from my side to make her realise that worry is manufacture  in her thought and  is not allowing her to see good things  that is happening  in her life .    Ive come to realised that worrying  thought seems to choke me so i develop an action practise that whenever i caught my thoughts , i  let go of the worry thoughts and i dont  share it with anyone .

Have you noticed that the more you share negative thoughts the more uit travelled and become more negative .  Worry is an upper limit problems .

I also focus on the positive things that want to come through . So make it a daily practise to spot your worry thought and positive  things will start  to flow in your life

With Love



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Focus On Losing Body Fat – Not Weight

The main purpose is always to lose and keep body fat low . its not easy to but simple not that complicated , our body symmetry changes because of so many things – like aging , poor nutrition , bad enviroments , toxic relationships al  those factors contribute to how you will age and your body image .

Every training programme has the capacity to influence the body for a short  time period and it depends on your mindset ,The best diet is the one that focus on your own individual nutritional  balance . ,any training or diet will shock  your system in the beginning  but the question is how do you proceed .

Well , i think i know the answer . For you lose body fat , you must constantly challenging your body . , im probably   the only person who will tell you that losing fat is not easy , its hard work but very rewarding . Everything fall apart when your body fall  apart .

The first  rule is to take care of yourself and have some pleasure in your life . According to warren buffet trusim , to make money you must first survive .most of us who stay lean and  lose fat have their piorities  firmer  as vague diet and nutritional  programm that doesnt support your life .

We want  to be more beautiful and more graceful , not to look 10 years older than our actuall age which  is heartbreaking when i see people . Beauty fro me is a way of life so is discipline to maintain healthy   habits healthy ego which makes s losing fat a lot easier .

Nobody like to hang around a  fat  overweight person because people dont feel excited  around this people . .  So imagine yourself losing just  in a different body image when you focus on losing fat not weight .

You lose fat by eating less and constantly challenging the body .

Thanks for reading

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Real Gym Does Not Look Like Real Gym

People are impressed with expensive equipment  and a very good looking gym rat which is not a problem because without the look or my look i wont sell a thing to anyone . Well may be we can argue its my attitude . The education provides a lot of learning  but missing something essential about true learning . . Where you can actually be in shape of your life is not that complicated .

I also need you to be aware that many problems of society come from people who sell complicated solutions . because thats there position and training invite them to do . I mean  everyone wants to make profits one way or the other . For example , you pay a lot of money to join the gym , for the benefits of the real estate developer and the profits of the management . It has nothing to do with your real problem to be solved .

People who are into strength training , those who are actually strong in many faces of real life know that user of the complicated machine at the gym gain no strength  beyond the initial phase .

Most of the gym equipment  typically target few muscles and regular  user will grow weaker overtime , with skills that do not transfer outside of the very machine that they trained on .

t may have some use in the hospital thou or rehabilitation   clinic , but thats about it . All you need to learn are the safety skills to move off the floor at your maximum while avoiding injury . Some gyms even have a swimming pool but no barbell . . All you needs are shoe to run outside when you can and a barbell with weights .

Most of the gain in physical strength t comes from working the tails of distribution and , closer to your  limits . I write this article with love .

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Too Cheap On Yourself Cost You Happiness

Most people are too cheap on themselves and this costs them a life time of happiness, and I can see how this affect overall happiness. I’m not always sure it’s about the money, it’s always poor up bringing about the money. If you cannot invest money in yourself, you cannot invest it in another person. Most people like to get but they don’t like to give, and/or when they give, they expect to get more than they give.

Since we are always influenced by feelings and not reasons, the creative faculty of the mind is set into actions entirely by emotions and not by cold reason according to Napoleon Hill. So, why would  anyone want to waste their resources by not investing in themselves rather by being cheap. It has taken me a long time and several mistakes to understand this fact about the subject of happiness.

If you don’t invest in your body every other thing you have will go away. Your brain, your mind, and if you are not careful your spouse. It usually begins with an argument. Most men are too fat, too tight in the ass, inflexible, and that’s why most people are not sexually alive because they need to be turned-on.

Swinging the hips is a very good exercise that can turn your sexuality alive – and while you are doing this try to keep breathing with the movement.

This is also why many people die of stress at an early age; not literally dead and put in the ground – but lost touch with life. So, when you are happy, it can motivate you to work harder, longer, smarter and effective.

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Learn To Rely On Your Instinct

This is actually easy to say than to execute. Most of the time your instinct will tell you what to do but we usually ignore this, I think it has to do with not trusting your ability to make a decision. I’m not saying don’t get opinions from other smart people, because that too will be unwise but add that opinion to your own thinking and make a decision based on your gut. Then you can own the outcome.

Definitely you are going to make mistake and the outcome will not always be successful most of the time, and you will learn from it. That’s how you grow to listen to your instinct; if you actually listen you will hear your instinct telling you what to do. Action takers are instinct oriented, the courage to make and rely on your own decision is vital to your performance in life and work.

If you trust your instinct you will always be confident in your own ability and that’s how you grow and succeed in life. Most people spend time analysing  what could go wrong and what could go right. It’s this kind of thinking that limits and chokes you till you lose your inner instinct, and that’s what normally happens to people who don’t trust their own instinct.

You don’t have to think either your decision will come through, because they always do. That’s how I want you to envision instinct.

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Be Like A Wolf Not A Dog

Wolves has been trained to survive – getting from point A to B requires some certain  types of risk. I’m a risk taker because it’s in my nature, so I attract most non-risk takers; it’s not that simple and it has taken me years of failure to work this out. Even as of today non-risk taker will do everything to convince me that taking a risk will kill me, but I don’t usually listen so I take the risk then I serve the penalties.

Taking risk means being alive, and in every difficult situation there is always room to manoeuvre. Being like a wolf means you learn to handle and face adversity by cultivating yourself, the biggest questions to always ask yourself is: ‘not what you have, but what you are afraid  to lose?’ To be honest I don’t like to share things or ideas with people who don’t take risk because thy will be bringing their own limitation to the party.

Being a woman does not make things easier sometimes. The more you have to lose, the more fragile you are. Fear has always been enemy of men, to start something new; a new business, new adventure a new challenge. Fear has a way of standing in the way that’s why many people remain in the same place for a long time or for too long.

People who run into stress get more reward in life than people who run away from it. I’m not perfect, I’m just learning and sticking to taking risks no matter what my odds are.

A book I’m reading at the moment by TALEB – talks about how English manners were imposed on the middle-classes as a way of domesticating them. Instilling in them fear of breaking rules and violating social  norms. How crazy is that?!?

The bottom line is no one wants you to take a risk but you’ve got to do it to be alive.

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Food Is The Core Of Life

In my own thinking you cannot go cheap with food , the benefits of quality food is huge .A neuro-scientist  doctor once told  me that most patients  recover faster because of the quality of their food . With food you need to always think about the end result not immediate gratification  . Before putting anything in your mouth , think about how its going to affect you few hours later . Thats the end result .

The quality of food also determine the quality of your detoxification . Your daily ellimination   is more important for your life . Im always thankful for the miracle of food , food culture . Ive given it a lot of thought  and realised that food isnt just food – food is an art , food is a way to have a social life .

Music is a luxury which is important for the soul , food is the core of life . Its more than something you just  shove into your mouth , good makes you happy , live longer , less annoying and have a sound mind . and thats something most of us has forgotten .

If you go to italy , france , and some other cultures , good food is integrated to their daily life and to me thats awesome .

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