Eliminating unnecessary tension

The journey of living healthy and conscious get smoother , the moment we  learn a principle , one that might take a life time to master . The principle is the fact that stress and tension are caused not  by the events of life but avoiding the required responses to the events .

This has been really difficult for me to master . Most worries and tension builds up as well from lack of knowledge , not wanting to face uncertainty  the tradditional thinking approach doesnt really work .The more i avoid the required response , the more tension seems to build up so i take a leap and start to figuring out how to face reality .

According to the buddist , all human unhappiness comes from not facing reality . Just like a commercial gyms , its all fake . Progress hardly made people body rarely change nor getting better .

The key to effective actions is to accept things exactly  as they are . Tensions continues to build when you avoid making choices . For example , expanding my thinking and business in a gym is getting tense with rules that are affecting the growth of my existing clients .

Im not the kind of person that compromise my energy and  thinking , i believe in how i will continue doing a better job , take  a moment today and ask is there anything im avoiding or facing . Accept it and deal with it you will experience a high level of happiness because obstacles are always the way .

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