Dont Go To Bed Angry – It Speed Up Aging

Im sure most people are aware of the words  inflammation which is the root of all disease and aging . How you end your end your days affect your inflammatary levels , turns out that a good night sleep greatly reduce chronic inflammation . Most couples that argues a lot will be greatly infalammed . . Getting less amount of sleep also have effect on your inflammatary levels  According to science and my experiment on myself less conversation in the evening makes me better in the morning .

Make sure your enviroment is suitable and comfortable  for you because home should  not be a challenge . A recent study found that couples who slept less had a greater  inflammatary response to conflict  the next day and higher levels of pro/inflammatary proteins after discussing a marital problems .

For every hours of sleep they lost their  level of inflammatory marker increase .  As i understood this i do my best to be calm in the evening and i keep discussing any sensitive matter to minimal in the evening .  And apart from that evenings suppose to be relaxed not fire up .

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