Love Is Quality

Love is a quality we must attain by ourselves and bring it into another person’s life. A psychologist once said to me that hate and anger are not natural. Love is natural, anger is a poison to the body. When love flows into your body, you feel good and become reachable. Love is a quality so is the mobility and flow of energy.

It’s amazing how people are chasing love without realising that love is within them; and people are forcing people to love them, and the relationships become hypocritical. The people around you are teaching you relationships instead of love. Nobody is teaching love.

Most people are teaching attachment and they call it love. Be loving, because if you are loving, you can be loving to anybody. Even sometimes the neighbour may be more loving that your parents but it’s your parent duty to take care of you and this has nothing to do with love.

Love never gives you misery, because if you love someone your love is happiness. If you are attached to someone, and you don’t like to see them happy. Some lovers keep on exploiting themselves and they are concerned with their ego centric demands. This is not love, but pure attachment that leads to misery.

This is the reasons many lovers break up and turn to hatred. Love is quality, you must create it, you must grow – only then can you inspire love in others.

Be loving and love will follow you.

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