Quality over Quantity: Do More with Your Training

Conventional thinking and the reason why 1,000s of people join the gym every New Year is that the easiest form of training to lose weight is to put lots of hours in the gym going from one machine to another, right?


Working out solely on a stepper, rowing-machine, cross-trainer, exercise bike or a treadmill doesn’t require any real skill; and the longer you stay on such machines, like it or not, will not make you fitter or thinner!

If anything after about four weeks of pounding away on the same machines day after day; three things will inevitably happen:

  1. Your weightloss and fitness will plateau as your body gets use to the same old exercises
  2. You get jaded, bored and lose motivation because you’re not challenged
  3. You quit the gym in early February never to darken its door again, despite paying out for the privilege of not attending for the next 18 months. But not to worry, because you got a free gym bag out of it! 🙂

Personal Trainer = added value & quality

Part of being an excellent personal trainer is to encourage and motivate people to exercise properly. Yet, encouraging a person to train better can be very challenging for a personal trainer because a number of people you will meet will have issues with:

  1. Discipline – to do better and to set and adhere to personal goals
  2. Have unrealistic expectations of what a personal trainer can do in a short period of time
  3. Choose a personal trainer for the wrong reasons; such as attractiveness, status or bragging rights

To become a truly awesome and inspiring personal trainer requires commitment, investment, education, experience and patience.

Helping a client reach true physical fitness is very satisfying, yet it takes commitment through quality focused and varied training along with time and patience. Health and fitness just can’t be rushed because every human body is a unique and complex thing.

That’s why I laugh at the conventional “quick-fix” commercial health industry.

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