Finding Your Magic Time.

Todays blog is based on life and productivity, it takes several learnings of life from my own personal experience to find the magic time , and since then ive learnt and applied these lessons my productivity and happiness has move up to another level.

For me i had to learn this lesson in a very hard way and it almost cost me a valuable friendship, finding your magic time is the thing that will make you grow both in business and your personal life . you will be less stressed and always arrive at better decision.

Tips for better decision making

Simplify your life which means dont fill your life with things you dont need .

Make a decision when you are fresh , early mornings is the best time for me ,some people it is at midday or end of the day .whatever works for you finding that particular time is a must if you want to grow both in business and your personal life

Your enviroment tend to affect our decision making most of the time , based on personal experience you arrive at a better decision when you are surrounded with positive people and ordered pleasant surroundings .

Realisation between hard and easy . always follow hard , not easy get away from complain buddies , invest money in quality not cheap . for example dont join the classes in your gym as its full of the crowd that will not motivate nor challenge you

Get respect – not money , respect will increase your value and productivity while money will damage your soul , so getting respect will make you a lot happier .

Based on my coaching experience i have realised that there are two big factors that affect decision making . these are

Food – if you consume that which doesnt agree with you and your hormones your decision will be rendered irrational because food affects our moods .

Take out what works for you , dont worry about the opinions of others , speak your mind loud even if its going to cost you to be alone . But you wont be for long and you will be free from opinions of others .

Finally surround yourself with people that will excite you and the life style youve chosen .

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