12 Things I Learnt in 2011

I’m going to share with you my biggest lesson this year

  1. Success is a process not magical, doesn’t fall from the sky. It’s neither magical nor mysterious.
  2. You should learn to base your life on value not price.
  3. If you want to become healthier, smarter, richer, and happier pay attention to your own feedback.
  4. Plan your life exactly the way you plan your business otherwise you will be responding.
  5. If you take a simple approach to life, you will get a simple result.
  6. That the only things that really matter in life are your relationships to other people.
  7. That a successful life is not about the grim determination to get or to have more. Nor is about low cholesterol levels or intellectual brilliance.
  8. That you cannot build a great business without loving people – people come first, not other way round.
  9. If your goal is to gain muscle and lose fat – intensity is the key.
  10. That consistency means if you are going to do anything for the customers, you have to do it for everyone – including someone you never see before.
  11. That difficult choices involve painful sacrifices, advance planing or just plain guts. Saying you have no choice cuts off all the options and is the dream killer.
  12. That the challenge of your future is to do the productive and useful work for and by with the tribes that cares about you.

My 5 Top Books

What did you learn in 2011? Please let me know in the comments.

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