How to boost testosterone

This blog idea came to me by one of my client who is a urologist by profession . he said nearly men from age 30 onward are suffering from low testosterone . Im going to give you few symptoms of low testosterone .

Loss of energy , Decrease in muscle mass,  Fatigue  Development of breast tissue , Difficulty concentrating , Mood disturbance , Decrease sexual drive . And of course adrenal fatigue .

With adrenal fatigue, according to James Wilson in his book , he said the sex hormones levels often fail because your adrenal glands are not able to manufactures adequate levels of hormones .


It doesnt matter if you are in your 40’s or 50’s or 60’s or even your 70’s and beyond . youve been brain washed into thinking you need to give up . you can start activating your testosterone by exposure to sunlight for a specific period of time .

Scientist also discovered that 50- 60 mins exposure of early morning sunlight work best at increasing great testosterone hormones . Unfortunately most guys dont do this because they are indoor so often .

Eat super food like pumpkin seeds . Avoid sugar completely , food like protein bars , low fat yoghurt with artificial sweet.  Virus injection .

Lastly follow my testosterone workout to feel like a man again .

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