Women place belong in the weight room

Of course we are all aware that women place belong in the kitchen . thats a primary issue consider the fact that we need to be strong for family . Anytime i mentioned this facts to some mothers , they freaked out because we ve been conditioned not to think otherwise .

Every mother want a better body, feeling sexy , and for you to achieve that , you need to do what you dont normally do . It will be very difficult to a have a sexy body when you dont lift WEIGHT .

Lifting heavier weight every time you are in the gym will promote faster and safer fat loss . running on the treadmill for an hour will probably kill you , in my experience and opinion.

You need to develop bones which needs time to make adaptations . and also a number of workout per week . i normally suggest two , which will work and once is too few . Having said all that, i dont want to leave you with the idea that you dont need to do cardio or other stuff .

You can run after your weight sessions , yoga or pilate for flexibility but no matter what you choose to do , lifting WEIGHT is the key . I hope one day the doctors will start to prescribe lifting    to people that are suffering from disease of the bones .

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