How to be beautiful

Im going to start by given you my personal definition of beauty . i think beauty is what you do and pretty is what anyone can buy . for example make up, good clothing can define pretty . Beauty takes discipline and patients and i believe everyone is beautiful .

Sleep – makes the hormones work and its one of the most ignoring habits in the western world , no wonder lots of people are on anti depression . Sleep reduced insulin and subdued inflammation . you need at least 6 to 9 hrs of sleep for beauty and health .

Heavy lifting – supercharged the hormones and activate the metabolism , it also contribute to long life fat loss . lift heavy and you will be attractive . Heavy lifting also improve sexual function that allow you to enjoy more sex which increase estrogen and testosterone .

Food – The biggest problem in the western world is food . its either people are not taught how to cook or dont know what to eat or think its expensive . Food seems to be the last piority for some family . no wonder majority of the population are suffering from obesity and disease . Average europeans will spend money on big cars , houses , and holidays then their shopping wagon is full of crap .

In conclusion , changing your mindset and adopt some of this principle will make you look fabulous anyway there goes my beauty secrets .

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