Why your body crave sugar and what to do about it

Sugar in my opinion is like an evil to human beings body . apart from the natural ones we get from fruits . sugar can be very addictive , its like cocaine or drugs . A woman once told me that she must have sugar other wise she will be very nervous . thats how addictive sugar can be .

I can understand when you have fungus and parasite growing in your stomach , this things need to be fed so you will definitely crave sugar .

The first thing you want to do is to kill the fungus . that means blood work and ecology diet . this is a combination of clean food like dark leafy vegetables , water poultry . Basically no process , no western food .

Dehydration and stress is another cause of sugar craving . if your body is constantly under stress, your insulin level will go up and the next thing you will think about will be sugar .

Always carry nuts with you , bottles water and you can also satisfy sweet tooth by taken stevia – its a natural herbs that can be found in any organic shop . I also recommend that you limit your exercise to 30 to 45 mins

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