Value based happiness and european lifestyle .

I talked about lifestyle a lot because i consider it to be the fundamental of everything . you need to shape your life before you can shape your body . if your mind is sound, your body will be fine . when people comes to me for fat or weight loss, i tend to see beyond their short time goals .

Most people walks around with lack of self believe and fear. 70 percent of children has been negatively programmed from childhood . i dont come from a perfect value as well, but you can create  your  own happiness based on your views and belief about life .

Now lets go to fat loss . i considered the easiest way to lose fat or not to get fat is to identify your value – then magic will happen so what the hell is fat anyway ?

Everyone has the right to improve their circumstances not whining or complaining . A clients once said to me that everything that has to do with improvement is expensive , which i consider to be a classic excuse because you cannot get to the next step without investing .

Life itself is a risk and its a challenge to succeed . put your own mask first , take care of yourself and every other things will follow .

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