Hormones is like a cash flow

I can really say that everything that is happening in our body is all connected to our hormones . As i was researching for a life well lived , i came across interesting topics regarding healthy hormones . our body has a system in controlling our hormones, and when that system get out balance , then our hormonal system shut down .

Chronic stress and disease start to emerge . Its all about hormones .Preview life you will live when you get a good night sleep – A lot of people are sleep depriviation . well i personally think its a disease of the european . i pioritise sleep over everything because when you take care of your body , everything seems to fall in places .

Thou it takes a lot of work to get into that position just like every other things in life . It requires different way of thinking , you need to start thinking in terms of possibilities not probabilities . when you change your thinking , you will find a way to make it possible .

Good healthy hormones are life time long value – Assets thats why i called it cash flow . – investing on good food and sleep is a big reward for a long day at work . Good sleep enhance proper hormones function – the big 5 hormones . Thyroid hormones which regulate our resting metabolic rates .

Cortisol – Its the second most abundant hormone in your body . it increases insulin levels and blood levels , increases blood pressures and causes damages to the brain

Melatonin – This is huge because it operates our body biological clock . for a proper melatonin function , get 8 to 9hrs of sleep other wise you are inviting cancer .

Testosteron – This hormones is critical for men and women . it increases lean muscle mass , strong bones , and red blood cells . it also promotes growth hormones that burns fats .

Our feel good hormones – the endorphins , this is our body natural morphine like chemical that boost mood and produce feelings of satisfaction  . They are released during intense exercise . these endorphins increase your desire for sweet tooth , this is why we cannot stop at one piece of chocolate but eat the whole bar .

Hormones is like a therapy and when taking care of them with good nourished food , every other things will fall in places .

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