Few tips for getting ahead in life – its not about talent

We always assumed that successful people or people who get ahead in life are talented . The questioned i often asked my self is why do some people get better and some remain the same or worst .

Well as i was reading a classic book from Geoff Colwin – Talent is overrated which i highly recommend for anyone interested in getting ahead of life . probably getting ahead also has to do with childhood, parents, background etc. The most important thing is , no matter what your background you can deliberately get ahead .

Deliberately getting better is very rewarding at the end but its mentally tough . For example lets say you want to get better physically , or mentally . your main goal will be to find a coach who is better than you in those area .

The most top performers in life still go to a coach . Tiger wood, for example is one of the world top performer and still go to his coach . i personally have a coach as well . The coaches are there to see you the way you cant see yourself .

Now let me go to strength training for example , have you ever wonder that regular gym goer tend to get worse or fatter at a certain point , the reason is they kept on practising what they knew already which is what most people in life normally do .

The best thing to do is to identifying the learning zone , which is not simple and then forcing yourself to stay continually in it as it changes which is even harder – these are the the first and most important characteristic of deliberate practice to get ahead in life .

Im aware the journey will not be easy but it will be rewarding . my mission in life is to help transform your body , but it will not happen without changes in mindset .

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