How to become remarkable /life and work

In todays blog i thought i should share this idea of being remarkable that ive been practising for the past few months because it works like crazy . In my opinion, being remarkable means you dont need to build massive ego around you because you are too busy giving a good performance .

In life and work, we are putting up a performance all the time without even realising it . You can decide to become remarkable only when you are being true to yourself which is not really simple because weve been condition to go away from ourselves .

Master detachment – Performing your duty without attachment is a great way to become a remarkable person , because as you performing your duty, you are not thinking about the outcome but enjoying the process . Even as im writing this blog , the process matters to me more than the outcome .

Enjoy your work – Ive seen a lot of people working hard and going through the motions . in their mind they think they are working hard . once you decide to be remarkable , things will start to happen in a possible way .

Become more to give more –  I realised that for me to become remarkable, i need to learn new skills, find more problems to solve so that i can add more value to people around me . The more i make people happy , the more remarkable i become .

According to mark sandborn in his book Encore Effect he stated that it takes fifteen years to become an overnight success . The good news is those fifteen year go very quickly .

So now lets go back to training , im going to leave you with 3 exercise that will get you on the road to become remarkable

Hang clean squat to press 10 kg  D B  7x , then pull ups 5x . repeat 10 times . the video to this is on my you tube channel . Good luck .

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