Bad exercise pattern increase ageing

We all want to improve our quality of life through exercising as most research suggested . you will be amaze that bad habits of exercising will actually speed up ageing . Most of these problems normally occur from the ego side of training .

Good training pattern  is about movement , not muscles . im not saying muscles are not good , but if you have a lot of limitations in your body it will be very difficult to build any strength and this usually contribute to fast ageing .

Have you ever noticed  that the religious gym goer usually look old at a certain time , all this has to do with the same repetitive movements that will eventually leads to injury and muscles imbalance .

I remembered few months ago when i attended a seminar on corrective exercise movement pattern . the teacher main focus was on getting people to understand the benefits of good movement pattern and its to related to ageing .

Most people asked me about duration of exercise, i dont have any answer for this because it depends on what want to achieve .but the good news is if you want to avoid speed ageing and also looking hot , i will suggest you learn how to do exercise like dead lift .

An exercise like dead lift expose a lot of other weakness , if you have a bad grip or core , the dead lift will expose it and any other weaknesses immediately . this type of exercise will always decrease ageing , increase mobility, flexibility , and contribute to looking hot / younger

The bottom line is , it does not matter how long youve been training , we could all benefit from corrective exercise pattern .

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