How to deal with changes when switching food habits

This is is one of the biggest problems when people change their eating habits . For me personally ive been going through this changes for a long period of time , so it has become a routine . Im aware that its a big challenge and here are some of the tips that  has helped me along the journey .

Do the best you can –  Life will always throw you apart ,your transition will be a lot easier if you focus on doing your best anytime you have to make a choice . Overtime you will become more comfortable with a better choice and habits .

Find your big why –  For me its because my family are far away from me and i dont want to be a liability for them . its also for abundance of energy and productivity to become successful . its like a fuel that energise me to be focus . Long time , the habits becomes you .

Avoid suffering or struggle –  Remember elephants dont bite, its little things in life that hurts us . If you skipped or derail a bit dont worry start all over again, its not the end of the world . Surrounds yourself with healthy nuts and fruits , enjoy them as much and as often as you like . Always pack your nuts nearby so that you wont give in to those horrible foods .

Substitute – You can considering introducing new food to your body gradually , as your body become healthy , you will be able to notice the impact of new foods as you introduce them . Sometimes i try certain foods and wait for how my body will react .

The key is to build the momentum and create a good food habits .

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