How to avoid security trap

Security is a myth and personally i believed that . We all love to feel secure , i mean who doesnt right , but the sense of happiness and security can only be created within you . Ive seen how the pursue of security has caused damages to many peoples life .

Build your own dreams – This is a reality because if you dont someone else will hire you to build theirs . Sometimes im wrap up in this , but because im learning to pay attention to whenever im going away from my dream , i can easily bring my awareness back to my dream .

Decide to work on your zone of genius – We all have one , we are all genius one way or the other , all you need to do is to focus on what you really want to do .

Think abundance , nor scarcity – I realised recently that majority of the people  have a scarcity mindset , and developing the ability to think abundance will help you to become a high performer . High performance in your job will create an abundance within you .

High performance people always add value to other peoples life , they dont complain , they are strong mentally and avoid the security trap .

Once you start to apply these 3 principles , you will start to notice the different in your thinking and life .

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