Avoid Vices and Unhealthy Temptations As They Suck the Life Out of Progress and Success

As i was reading a book from Frank Mckinney , the king of ready made dream homes , i found this topic very valuable to share with my audience . We cannot act on instinint to be successful . we need a personal philosophy  and principles to guide our life . This topic actually related to me personally and thats why im sharing it .

You need to determine what  you want out of life and work to keep any unhealthy temptations that is stopping you from getting there .A vice might be sugar, cigarettes , bad marriage, negative friends , dis honesty, Laziness, Unethical behaviour , Anger, Procrastination , impatience , bad money habits .

These altitude can kill your life and your business . Unfortunately this temptations get bigger around us and i personally have to keep on working to safe guard my principles.

How do you handle vices and temptations? You decide what you want your life to be about . Indulgences or accomplishment . Flabbiness or strength . Failure or success .Momentary pleasure or leaving a legacy and make a different in other people life .

One of my unhealthy vices is the altitude of care- free which people tend to use against me . Be honest with your self and keep working on your principles .

Unless you can resist unhealthy temptations and vices, you will never succeed , at least not in the long term . The best defence is a good offence . Come with a list of ways you can and will refuse unhealthy temptations .

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