The art of giving back

I personally think giving back is spiritual . I also believe that contribute to my personal success . Well im still learning . I learnt this philosophy as a kid from my parents I recalled several occasions when my mother pass along food for beggars, neighbours without asking .

In my line of work, i give more than i received . thats my personal philosophy . It does not also means that you should be allow to be push over .

Giving back is about heart full of compassion, but this is lost among the westerners . Its always about themselves which is a miserable way of living .  If you are blessed with abundance of energy and wisdom like me , i believe we have moral obligations to pass it on to help other people .

Successes are to be shared not hoarded . I believe we are giving success and energy to help others . In fitness industry for examples our clients are coming from bad habits, low self esteem , poor decision making, lack of compassionate  and gratitude , lack of self belief. And because im blessed in these area of life i can always help people to overcome this issues .

Giving back does not have to be money or material things . it could be spending time with a lonely person, buy a homeless person a good coffee , Giving people direction, contributing to church building fund . The principle is the same .

One of the best thing about success and giving back is to be able to apply whatever you are good are in the service of others .

Giving back feel good. Giving back to others is what will keep your life in perspective .

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