Skills makes you money , not time

One of the biggest lesson ive ever learnt was to master my skills. My coach taught me that in any business to succeed there is a key level that makes it works – in my training business its my craft, and communication . If you want to be successful, you heve to start thinking skill , not time .

The idea of skill , and mastering my craft , choosen myself has become a pillar in my thinking . There are seeds to be planted when it comes to concept  of making money , refining your skills .

What you need to do is to build the house you will live in . You build that house by laying a solid foundation ;by building physical, emotional , mental , and spiritual health . I also realised that these 4 things must work for us to have a great life .

Im not talking about the B S , be kind to people and you are good. im talking about how you can find financial freedom which include exploring the blessings that surround us . Freedom to help ourselves so that we can help others . Freedom to live the life we choose to lead , instead of having to live that has been chosen for us .

The ability to build your own frontier and master your skill will help and support you to help other people . I f you are hungry and tired , there is no way you can be useful to another human being

The key is to master your skill, this concept has work for me and i know a lot will not take this advice , they rather listen to their priest who also tired like them . If you do take this advice , then welcome  to freedom

Do you think the government really cares about you ? and your retirement plan are for shit . The key here is for you to be physically , emotionally , mentally and spiritually sound so that you can generate ideas to become currency that will save you and your family .

Good luck

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