Women, sex hormones and strength training

For the past few years , ive been researching how women can look and feel fabulous without compromising their value . I now realised that everything is about women hormones, androgens . 70 percent of my clients are female including me . We all want to perfect our cycles , support our family , supercharge our sex drive and becoming a power source . Sometimes i think society is too demanding on women , thats just my perspective

Androgens is often thought as the male hormones , women need to have some testosterone in their bodies as well . In fact , women require testosterone to feel confident and sexy . The different between men and women lies in the quantity of the testosterone . Women produce approximately 250 micrograms of testosterone a day , while men typically produce ten to forty times more than that .

Testosterones is the superstar , it promotes muscles, bigger bones and immune functions including the bone -narrow manufacture of red blood cells and this is why i recommend structural strength training into women program

There is a huge different between exercise obsession and healthy exercise .Three hours per week for yourself is a far cry from obsession . To be healthy with a good sex drive , you should strength train three times per week and conditioning once . You get the point

When you apply this into your life style, you improved energy , decreased craving , no wonder i dont crave bad foods anymore . You will enjoy greater moods , enhanced sex lives . better relationships with your loved ones in fact improved self esteem , confidence  mood and attitude .

As far as i can see this, people around you will thank you for being more pleasant . Women reach their peak testosterone levels in their mid twenties , after which come a slow but steady decline . The bottom line is , strength training will improve your sexual live and safe your life . im sure

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