Reframing thinking about food by focusing on food choices

Back in the day when i was playing tennis or going through my sports schorlarship , as a student we go to the cafeteria eat whatever and go . Ive never really have to connect my diet  to my thinking . well maybe you are like me in that way . We all come from a different background when it comes to the way we think about food .

Ive heard clients telling me food is expensive . well maybe i will give it a thought few years ago but i wasnt that low about food . The westerners think food is expensive, but their  house is filled with things they dont need . Things that will never add value to their life .

Many people seems to have a negative view about food and life in general whatever you eat affect your views all day .  Negative views about food are coming from childhood . overeating and under eating .

The most common problems i found with people and their nutrition is lack of compliance and the second is under eating . If you had a plan and you dont follow it, you might as well had a terrible plan .

The way you look at food also reflects on the way you look at your life , if you look around you, people are either too big with a big stomach or too skinny and everything is coming from bad food thinking .

Where to start – One strategy that is guaranteed to fail you is what i called celebrity diet . Those people are just like you , they shot to fame and promote shits . Another thing is not thinking about what you are going to eat until its time to eat . This never works because it involves too much thinking about food on the spot and it often put you in a position where you make poor food choices .

The real key if finding a plan that you can really implements and adopt as part of your life . Its important to make gradual changes and good food thinking will become a second nature .

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