Sleep is an asset

I stole this article from the book essentialism from Greg Mckeown . If you are reading this blog, and you want to be a high  performer , double your productivity and income i suggest you read this book . Now back to the topic, sleep . Sleep is an asset and we all need to learn how to protect it . To learn to get away from mindset of doing it all .

Few years back as my training business started to grow, i did not pay much attention to sleep . I thought i could just get up earlier and train my clients until i stated to make bad decision on request of my clients , the timing and training all together . That was a hard lesson .

Most of the mistakes i made was due to sleep depreviation . After reading  a sleep study , i tried it out and i adopted the new tactic . If you want to lose weight, or be a better mother, wife , high performance at work you need to start reshaping your mindset about sleep .

Sleep is not a waste of time – The sleeping brain regulates gastrointestinal , cardiovascular and immune functions , and it energizes the body  . As im writing this blog ive slept for 10 hours .

Sleeping has helped me to contribute more to the world . I believe the best asset we have for making contribution to the world is ourselves . Only the sleeping brain organizes and files all new information learned that day . It heightens cognitive processing , which include reorganization of data already stored to mesh with the new data just filed .


Invest in a very good mattress , my bed cost me 2000 pounds and thats the way i like it . Get good quality bed sheet .

Make your room totally dark and cold , there should be no electronic in the room . Boy friend doesnt like this one , but its my sanity and i will not compromise that .

Use your bed room only for sex . Shut all the light as from 8 pm . Leave the house totally dark . If you have kids , introduce going to bed early with them and finally read to unwind or get a good movie or a glass of good quality wine . Then wake up in the morning to contribute to the world .

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