Tips to afford organic food

Most people think organic food is expensive , and i think that has something to do with value . Your value is determine by where your money and your time goes . Personally , organic food is a matter of value and benefits . Over the years ive put together few tips that will make organic  food affordable for us .

Dont look at the cost – Dont focus on the cost , learn to look at the benefits . I know this will take a while but you will get used to the benefits and never go back because you will develop a taste for a better food and better life .

You will eat less – Organic food are full of nutrients so your body will absorbs what it needs and eliminate the waste , which will make you feel awesome .

Budget on other stuff –  If you only look at the price , the same thing goes for i phone, clothing, cars, parties, eating outs, holidays etc .

Keeping up with the joness – Most of us spent a lot of money keeping  with the joness , Im not asking you to give up your friends and be a monk , its just to consider where and how  you spend money .

Eating healthy has been show to reduce illness, heart attack, cancer, improve memory , and you will feel better . Organic  food will help you tremendously , it will help your heart , nourish your heart , help your intelligence to become sharper because the nourishment for the intellect comes from the body .


Low energy are caused by poor nutrition . invest in organic means you are investing in your long life insurance plan .

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