The secrets of a fat burning workout

When it comes to fat burning and maintaining continual fat loss , most people needs to exercise less and increase their workout intensity . Not to do more . Less is actually more valuable when it comes to fat loss because it allows your body to recover on time.

In order to maintain continual fat loss and see your body changing , you must continue changing your program , without variety , gain from a once successful program will soon diminish indicating that your program should be changed regularly .

This could be a massive challenge in educating the regular folks who want to be fit or lose fats . The changing of exercises , no of sets , reps and other variables , all demanding your body to adapt and expand more energy .

Now you get the point , its not about doing a lots or running a marathon to expand energy , its about variation and adaptation .

My speed fat loss training program focus on intense exercise for a purpose . you will use resistance to promote metabolic , higher metabolic rate , protein turnover . A higher metabolic rate , more calorie burning , and a better body composition . All while cutting your workout time .

Dont buy into the idea that slow, long cardio is the most important aspect of fat loss . sometimes i experiment with myself by doing a long cardio for 45 mins , then i experience more hunger , weakness , sugar carving which is not soo good for the body .

Many successful trainers know that weight training and nutrition are far more important and also interval is amazing addition to fat loss program focusing on resistance training .

Research conducted by Dr Angelo Tremblay at Laval university in quebec has shown that high intensity interval training  is more effective for fat loss than continuous low intensity .

Low intensity increase aging .


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