Tips to destroy being average

Being average sucks . seriously there is nothing interesting in being average , its like going to bad restuarant where the food sucks . I was raised middle class like majority of the folks Nothing really special going on apart from normal middle class stuff .

I admired smart successful people and i tend to seek them out to help me , to learn their habits . Here are the few tips that will away from being average .

Being in shape throughout the year . – This will increase your productivity and if you can produce , the world needs more people like you .

Invest in your skill – Doing this will set you apart from the regular folks . It will increase your intellect towards your craft and you will become more valuable .

Spend less time with negative people – These people are confidence destroyer . most of them like to do what you like to do but they cant and will find a way to bring you down .

You evaluates your friends and current habits – if they do not align with your goals . Drop them . – This is the one that separate folks .

You educate yourself by reading books , listen to audios, going to seminars – This raise your values as a person  and helps evaluates skill sets .

Then you can share your message to the world , you contribute and the more you do that the more you become successful . This tips has helped me soo far .




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