Destroying more mentality in training

Okay , so this is a bit of my story . back in the day when i was playing competitive sports , we train in the morning and afternoon . Its a different life style . Now as a very busy trainer building my business there is no time for me to mess around . The concept of short high intensity training came to me 4 years ago .

So i invented a very challenging workouts and the result of my less idea of training will give you a lean athletic physique . Doing more training overall will not give you that awesomness physique . It will only make you more fatter and weak.

For you to develop the habits of training less with high intensity, you will focus on your movement and technique which bring better value to your body .

Being more in yourself – Being more in yourself means being better within yourself . The better you are, the stronger you become and the goal is for you to become more in yourself rather doing more in training .

Training or exercise is not a pass to eat whatever you want . Most people  have this mentality and thats why they do more rather than better . The whole point im trying to get across here is start thinking about training in a new way .

You get more out of your training by doing less because your body recover faster and adaptable to good training . This is when you get result .

Most people who do more  in the gym dont know what they are doing and you dont want to be one of those victim . I understand that most people uses exercise as a void which is ok, maybe stress relief or more energy for productivity .

So the question is what exactly do you train for . for me, clear thinking , ideas generating , good mood and physique , productivity and my health .  Sit in a quite place and ask yourself . what im i training for .


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