Few lessons on getting older/aging

As you get older, many people says you are suppose to be losing your edge . becoming forgetful . I think its all bullshit . If you believe in that it means  youve been hanging around losers . Lots of people attach everything to ages , even their financial life .

As i personally get older, ive started takings things into respect . Ive becoming more responsible to my self . Becoming more responsible to yourself and skills of accountability will set you free .

DEVELOPING MENTAL STRENGTH – This means you will be   less dependable on others . in fact you will help people rather than depending on them . I m not saying dont ask people for help but refrain from being a libilities to people around you . Nobody wants to hang around a cog .

SLEEPS – Sleep more – Thats the road to your health . As you age, you enter a decade of vulnerability . you need wisdom and strength to live well . The more you sleep, the smarter you become . Cortisol hormones arise as stress is encounter . Th e stress buster i recommend is full body massage, twice monthly .

WALKING – This is coming from someone who like to sprint . ive picked up the habits if walking lately and the reward is amazing . walking for at least 30 mins a day clear the mind and sharpen the brain .

MOBILITY –  Do more mobility and strech daily . Im sure you notice lots of folks on the street that can hardly walk . there problems comes from lack of mobility . . Stretch to stay flexible, this will increase blood flow  and keep your muscle loose . Soreness occur when your muscle fibers break down from over use or lack of flexibility .

SURROND YOURSELF WITH QUALITY PEOPLE –  Majority of the folks hang out with average middle class people . seek out people  that are better than you in every aspects of life . I personally  take on clients that i can learn from or who wants to really change .

Seeking out better people means you are ready for a change .

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