The benefits of a mentor

Im aware that most people think they dont need a mentor/coach , but these are the people that needed mentoring most . Actually, seeking out a mentor depends on how far you want to go in life . Not many think big . i get it . If you are a big thinker like me, then you will understand the important  of having a mentor in your life .

Some people  think self taught is more authentic which i understand in fact this is coming from a basic insecurity because we feel that learning from another authority is somehow an indictment of our own talent and ability .

Personally i think admission to a weakness doen not say anything about you, its only a temporary condition of weakness which your mentor will help you to overcome . Since i started to grow my personal training busness ive worked with about three mentors on different ares of my life that need strengthening .

For a example i seek a very good strength coach  to help me with program design . A successful studio owner coach, A virtual financial independent coach. A success coach . A nutrition coach and a cooking class .Not to mention books that i learnt from.

COACH ADD VALUE – A mentor / coach add value and experience to your life . Life is too short to figure things out on your own. your time for learning and creativity is limited without any guidance .

NOT ONLY SAVE TIME – The right mentor know where to focus your attention and challenge you to take a proper action . They are also aware of your talents and skill . There knowledge and experience become yours .They provide immediate and realistic feedback on your work .

THE BEST MENTORS -They are the ones who have wide knowledge and experience , and not overly specialised in their field . They can train you to think on a higher level . Some one that fits your needs and connect to your life .

If you take this approach, this time next year you will be a different person . If you find this essay useful and think i can mentor you in certain area of my knowledge, feel free to contact me .



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