Benefits of sprint / conditioning training

ive been experimenting with this method of fat loss for the past 6 weeks and have decreased my body fats by 4 percent which is awesome . Apart from my productivity  my sexual life gets better which is very important  for me . You also get the body and health you wnat with the minimun amount of effort .

According to the study published in the journal of medicine and sports science , – sprint interval group  lost an impressive 12 .5 percent body fat and 2- 3 kg of fat mass after 6 weeks . You also lose weight qiuckly and easily . You get strong fit and a lean body .

Novices can choose low impact and work up to a sprint starts . Adults with a better ankle mobility  can also do this .

Sprint and  conditioning   training will enable you to strengthen  your muscles groups while stimulating neuro – muscular response that has not been fully activated . The workout should be short and literally you should be able to finish your training within 30 mins .

Better sex life / decrease insulin level – It helps decreasing insulin level that hamper sex hormones synthesis  causing levels of hormones and other sex hormones to decline steeply as we age .

Sprint conditioning  also increase ability for cardio -svascular endurance also improve performance and minimise the effect of aging by promoting the release of testosterone – human growth hormones .  Growth  hormones is responsible for keeping us strong lean and healthy .

Here is a tasty intelligent little routine which can be used by anybody who want t to drop some body fats .

Sprint 15 secs

Bupress x 5

Push up into mountain climbing combo x 5

Buprees x 5

Sprint 15 secs

Rest 1 min and repeat 3 – 5 times if you are to it but 3 times will be good .




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