Your physiology enhance your beauty

Your physiology is made of your breathing , digestions , hormones, sexual energy , poo ets . Seriously this organs must work together to enhance beauty and grace . You can do all the exercise in the world , without adressing this vital organs you will back to zero . In my experience this is why a lot of people failed in their fitness program .

Your physiology is like a glutes muscles which no one s talks about . I ve learnt to address my clients  from their physiology  stand point . People needs to be educated and also  be realistic . Most people who think they can eat whatever they want are simply not being realistic .

Be realistic – Its  un – realistic to want to move an  object from the floor when your physiology is working against  you . . We all encounter roadblocks like illness , health issue , injury , But when we do  we rely on the health of our organs to bring us back to life .

You can spend your money on expensive body cream which i do most of the time  but thats not where my beauty is coming from , maybe it just  make it better . Whenever you  consume foods that your body cannot properly digested , it reflects  on your mood and your face .

Your physiology plays an important role in which your energetic strength developed  which is your mind , character structure , virtue ideas and your soul . The way i looked at it , your physiology is the roots of your pleasure .

Thanks for reading and happy holidays .



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