Work on your competency

Are you aware that most big coporations , business  and large firms are not interested in diplomas but competency , People are interested how well you can handle resposibilty . the more competent you are , the more opportunities comes your way . No one like average people and they are too much average overall than exeptional people .

Examine yourself – i have not always being this way , we all have lots of investment to do to become a competent person . Decide what specific thing you should do to make yourself more effective . It has taken me years of hard work to arrive at my schedule , even when i talked to some of the executives  that comes to me for stength training they recognised the power of my competency .

Invest in yourself – Most people worry too much about money so they lack thinking of investing in themselves . Next time you see a particularly well posed , groom , clear  thinking , remind yourself that he wasnt born that way . Lots of conscious effort , invested day by day made the person what he is .

Competency enhance your thinking . it makes you think big . A good idea will be finding a way to be more effective and productive in your work so you finish faster and spend more time with your family .

This concept t also apply to stay at home mum who want to raise a beautiful amazing well manners kids that will turn out to her of their generations .

Competent is a virtue . work on it .

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