Choose customers and friend wisely

This is not a usual advice you get from most busness people . Your friends and customer influence how your life and busness will shape up . Anytime someone is about tell you the secret of life , you should interrupt and ask how long it will take to tell you this secret of life . If he or she answer anything under three years dont waste your time .

The point is there is no way to communicate the secret of life in 30 secs bcos there is probably not one secret of life . The best secret of life ive found so far is your friends and customer . We attract who we are .

GENEROUS AT HEART – This is very complex because most people take generous as needy ,because that is where they are coming from , a needy position . im an african , our culture are build on empathy and relationship with each other . You have often heard the expression that customer is always right , well if you build your busness around that its a recipes for failure .

You have the right to determine and evaluate if someone is indeed a customer you want to conduct a busness with . How do you relate  to that customer ? one danger with saying that the customer is always right is that it generates feelings of resentment in you when the customer clearly not right .

The same concept apply to friendship – its your altitude that attract the kind of friend and the customer you choose . so the customer is always right , softly to yourself wont do it .


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