How does fasting help the body well being

A friend of mine is going through a religious fasting period and he is looking more youthful and energetic . I said to him this what getting rid of toxin in your body gives you Whenever you are on a fast the body has no more work of digestion . In that period the body can work in  throwing  away dead cells . Toxin . When the body has nothing to digest  you have not eaten anything , the body start a self cleaning .

The body start throwing out all the junk that is not needed . Fasting  is like house cleaning , the less junk you put in your body , the less house cleaning you are going to need . You should also learn the science of fasting , one should do fasting with someone or near someone who has been fasting for long and   who know the whole  path very  well

Im not keen on fasting . fasting comes if you have been eating wrongly . If you have not been eating wrongly there is no need for fasting . Fsating is only needed if you have already done the wrong with the body . Some times people do it for religious purpose once in a while a fast  is beautiful , take as much liquid as possible and rest . The whole body will be clean .

As i said earlier i dont believe  in fasting , but if sometimes the fast comes naturally – not as a law,  not as a principle , not as a phillosophy , as a disci[pine to be imposed but out of your natural feel for it – good .

Another friend pull out of the fasting because he started getting weak , trembling in his body  i suggest he quits because that is no more purification but destructive .  Pay attention to how you feel during you fast period . either way , it should renew you .

Have a good life .



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