Define your own rules

These days i realised that without having a personal rules to follow  things can become very chaotis . Since opening my own own studio, ive learned a lot about rules and personal acihievment . it all boils down to owning my self / personal responsibilty .

Be careful because people dont like people with rules , and i really dont care who like me or not . At the end of the day its my life that matters . One of my rules is to work on my self . Since  oct last year to present ive spent more that 8 000 pounds on my development not to talk about what i put in my mouth –  food .

I dont think about what most peety  small minded women  think about . Ive developed a rule like a moral compass . A code if you like .

1 Take   care of myself with good food , sleep , and exercise .

2 Be honest with every one including myself . NO B S

3 Treat people around me with respect , family , friends , clients .

4 If its not fun, dont do it .

5 If it s not fun but will enhance your growth then do it .

6 Always look for a voice of value to listen to . many people talk shit .

7 Always  cook dinner for my partner and listen to him .

I build my business    from zero – you can do that too . All you need is to own yourself .




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